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I think you’re finding it hard to separate rich people from large multinational companies which provide a huge amount of jobs and a huge amount of money to the economy. Ireland simply couldn’t function without Multinationals.

And the how by the way???


Without ?


Haha yes without, thank you!


Well I have to say and this a fear that o have is European tax harmonisation. Of course I’d like to see them pay more corporate tax but definetly not at the expense of them upping sticks and leaving. That’s the trade of for me. That’s the fear I have with the EU long term.



We are a tax haven. We are being used by huge companies, some of whom not only paid no tax last year but actually received rebates back from our state. This neoliberal tax avoidance is literally causing millions of deaths around the world and subverting democracy everywhere. The only way to tackle it is to get as many countries as possible to agree to a bottom line in relation to corporate tax. What is happening will get worse and spread to other companies if it is not stopped. This is a huge issue!

I do not believe that if we make these companies pay some tax that they will all up sticks and leave, especially if more and more first world countries band together on this. If Apple wants to go to Burundi, let it. Neo liberalism is eating this planet. At some stage, governments need to make a stand or we are all fcuked. Sociopathy will not be stopped easily but this is actually an existential crisis that will not go away.


No I’m not mixing them up.

The how would be to invest hugely in for example agri-foods, wind and wave energy, and education, with a view to specialising in particular areas. Developing ideas, patents etc. We don’t have lots of natural resources but we have very good land, wind, waves and well educated people who speak English. We need to be more ambitious in our thinking.


I admire your utopian dream but I don’t think the world works or will ever work like that and I think we’re foolish to think it will and throw ourselves at the mercy of it.

I agree that we can look at diversifying towards renewable energy and other areas bit that takes time and money to do it and if we were to lose significant FDI I don’t think we’d be able to replace it immediately and would be stuck in a hole


Their a cult of cunning stunts


Countries first and foremost look after selves ,look at the UK as regards tax havens , isle of man , Gibraltar , jersey .They are front and center not just tax evasion but the laundering of dirty money from around the world.


I believe that the nations of the world will rise or fall on this issue. We literally cannot afford neoliberal noncompliance with taxation norms to become the new norm. If every country just looks after their own interests, then we are truly fcuked. There are more slaves in the world now than ever before. Imagine that!


Without sounding flippant is that on a %basis or just a larger number?
And in developing or developed countries


The U.N. says around 30 million. I have seen NGOs quote much larger numbers. If you counted people who have less than a dollar a day, then it’s hundreds of millions. Mostly in Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, China…working For (owned by) Apple etc. In America in the 1860s there were less than 4 million. That was at its highest afaik.


Yea, could use a bit of that and all. Just cleaned out by the old end of year tax, followed hot on the heels by a vat payment. Happy Christmas all!


Having worked for a multinational company during the boom for nearly 10 years , all I can say is it was a utopian experience. I will never experience the utter freedom / joy / relaxed work life I had there . They paid great , were good to their employees , no stress .
…it ruined me when I had to enter the real world .


Waste disposal (not really disposal at all) alone is something the nations of the world may fall on, it may already be too late, the levels of despoiling are hard to contemplate. There is a collective burying of the worlds’ heads in the sand. Just think about how much waste we each of us produce each week, the amount of plastics, most of which are not really recycled. Multiply that the world over. Plastics never really degrade. We’re at it for a century nearly and it’s been at massive levels for the last 50 years, and still increasing.


The auld tax thing again, to me, its very simple, they create jobs, no tax for jobs, we are a small country with limited resources and we need these guys here, example, Google employ 6,000 people in Ireland which includes, canteen, cleaners, contractors etc.

It is estimated that nearly 200,000 people are employed by foreign companies, it is important to fight any imposed changes to the current tax model.


The current tax model is that they avoid tax. That cannot continue or it will spread and ultimately societies will break down.


why will they break down?


Lack of tax to pay for services…eventually.