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Not state help as I said before. They went to revenue with an interpretation of the tax laws as they were and revenue agreed with their interpretation. No laws changed and one which other companies could and have also received.

And one which is under appeal. I would be of the opinion that if they purely follow tax laws it will be overturned


You’re gonna have to run that one by me again.


Yes it is. Eu says so


Simply put. Anyone that generates employment gets same tax deal


See my edit above as it being under appeal. Apple followed tax laws as they were written here. I am of the opinion that an appeal will be successful


So open to everyone is what you’re agreeing? As in not state aid?


Fiver bet?


No. Apply the same agreement that Apple agreed. To all.


It is available to all. Not all companies are in the same situation though and so not in the position to avail of it. As in Johnny electrician down the road doesn’t have branches set up all over Europe but if he did he could use the exact same tax legislation as apple.

Its similar to how a person with rental income can use rental legislation to reduce profits. Someone without rental income won’t be using it but it is available to them if they ever get rental income


And all this happened without minister approval?

Anyway fiver bet?


I don’t know. I wasn’t there. It does comply with the tax legislation which is available to all though

Ye a fiver…


Ok the young Fine Gael reference was a low blow apologies.

In reference to the the percentage of rich people paying the most tax. Do you have a breakdown / percentages of earnings bracket, do middle class earnings come into that say 50,000/60000 etc


Somewhat low???:disappointed_relieved::persevere::disappointed_relieved:
Bless save.


Do you think we should tax them or the countries where the profit is earned?


Because that is fraud and is illegal.


I think we should not disagree with pan-european plans to tax them. I also think we need to try to move away from out over-reliance on FRI and foreign multinationals.


And how would you go about doing that? And even why would you feel we need to rely on them less?


RTE news during the week reported that MNCs paid €15 billion in wages and another €6.5 billion in PAYE and PRSI in 2015. And that’s before corporation tax. Two thirds of all MNCs in Ireland paid the full whack of 12.5%.

We aren’t moving away from that. Even if we could, where would we go?

We’re a tiny, tiny cog in a globalised world and nothing is going to change that. We can try and make companies pay a little more but we have to be very careful too. As the figures above would suggest.


The why is because we are terrified of taxing them! I don’t accept that the rich are in charge and we all have to lie down and take it.


Do you think we should block European plans to tax them? Because I don’t.