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Ah stop …


Maxi, me auld flower, if you aren’t aware that we put the loopholes in our tax law deliberately, then let’s leave it so. Blaming other countries…you’re gas all the same!!


Good joke, did you come up with that by yourself??? Thanks for your superb input to the debate anyways…


I just don’t understand what your perceived negative impact of these multi national companies paying a somewhat low tax rate is? We’ll have no jobs and no income from taxing them if we hike up our tax rates and they up and leave? Would you honestly rather that?

And if you think they wouldn’t leave just because we taxed them a little more, you have no understanding of how global sized business works, they will do whatever necessary to get the most profit possible, and if that means leaving Ireland cos we upped our tax rates, they’d do it in a heartbeat.


why thank you! I guess your Something witty by name something witty by nature.


Except I wasn’t the one trying to make a joke…


Not blaming other countries, just pointing out how the loopholes work. And in this new case it is the other countries which have no corporation tax rate or an extremely low one. We have one set of rules to recognise that we tax companies on where they earn profits and other countries have it on where the company is located at its very basic level and that is how it is done.

I think that those multinationals pay a significant amount of income tax on behalf of their employees in Ireland and contribute directly and indirectly nearly 300000 jobs. If you think things are bad socially within the country can you imagine if you removed half of those jobs for example and the higher than average salaries that they are generally on and the subsequent tax intake?


And either was I. Or I wasn’t attacking any of your posts either, but then again you have form for that. Yeah I’ll debate with you. Like I think Fine Gael are a shower of self serving fucks. I have no problems with multi nationals yeah we’ll fill your boxes and let them pay pay low taxes no problems as long as jobs and money from them are spent in the economy. I have problems with ultra rich Individuals avoiding paying tax comparatively to what they earn.

And anyway EU fir most part will see to tax harmonisation which will eventually see a chunk of multinationals feck of. That to me is irelans biggest problem. Now enough of the smart fucking comments. Must be something h in the water up in Ashbourne.


But it looks like such an innocent place…


How do the ultra rich pay low taxes relative to what they earn?


They have the means of using clever accounting to maximise their money. That’s type of service is readily not affordable to most folk.


The means aren’t as easily available anymore. There are restrictions as to what they can avoid paying. The bulk of their money is locked up in companies which they will be taxed on when they sell or will avoid it but will have to leave Ireland for 6 years to avoid paying. That is the one major way they can avoid tax as denis O’brien does by living abroad but if they’re not living here they shouldn’t be taxed, fair or unfair as some may see it. Even those living abroad face a minimum tax each year if they have high worldwide income and land assets in Ireland in excess of 1 million or something to that effect


Fair enogh… any links on that for further reading. Thanks


No links to hand. High earners restriction and domicile levy are the two things I was talking about


Presume you can show me the form I have for that (or are you just taking dub09s word for it)? Or even show me where I attacked your post? I simply pointed out you give out about FG, without expressing an opinion on whether you were right or wrong.

See maxis response, or my post earlier about household earnings and tax paid. The richest people in Ireland very much do pay the majority of tax, playing the devils advocate here, some rich people would say they pay an unfair percentage of the overall tax and are being punished for being successful (not that I’d agree with that). Irelands problems run way deeper than our tax system, which on the whole is fair and fit for purpose.

Yeh any of my points about multinationals were directed at Iomaint, seems we agree on something!

The only smart comments came from yourself when you called me young fine gael (despite me not having expressed any actual political opinion yet) and making some strange joke about alcohol is Bratislava…


Apple execs agreed that with state. I can try to find reference but it’s in the public realm


They agreed a situation where they deemed apple complied with certain laws in relation to residency and profits from foreign countries and would end up paying an effective rate of 1% but not that they would pay an actual rate of 1%. Hence as their profits got larger throughout Europe which were recorded in Ireland but not liable to ct as they were not earned in Ireland they only ended up paying the 0.05% which in reality is 12.5% of profits earned through Irish sales


So state help.
If I promise to be really good. Volunteer and give money to charity. Can Pascal lower my effective rate of tax to 5%


Even if it was state help, what does it actually matter, surely Ireland is better off with Apple in the country than without?


It was. The eu competition authority found it to be.

I’m not arguing against them being here. It’s the narrative of the high tide floats all boats that I find hilarious. The stupidity of the neo liberal agenda that people blindly push out is what is galling. Paddy now towing to the man again