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Thinking people should be voting her simply because of her gender isn’t arrogant? She’s typical of the looney left in this country. She’s great a soundbites and expressing faux outrage but the dogs on the street know her policies are never going to work.

The housing crisis is dreadful and national embarrassment but her plans to build 1100 social housing units in an area already struggling with fairly serious crime and gangs wrecking havoc is absoulte suicide and will turn that part of Dublin 15 into a ghetto if it’s bit heading that way already.

Zero planning, zero foresight, just throw it up, lump a load of people from all different backgrounds and cultures together and everything we’ll have another tyrellstown on our hands only they’ll be right beside each other


Ah here , leave it out !


Deffo not uniquely Irish, here where I am :wink: People are reluctant to reveal their preferences.


Yes. We are a tax haven. I am sick of watching the ultra rich pay almost no tax.


Yes the ultra they think paying tax is something that working and middle class do.


Sound bites? Your joking right? Biggest sound bites in the dail are the blueshirts.


Except the richest 20% of households in Ireland account for 60% of all tax receipts from income tax, USC, PRSI and VAT, with the poorest 50% only contributing 10% between them. Hardly a tax scheme that is skewed against the poor.


In terms of Ireland and the ultra rich, if they are living here they are paying tax. There is very little way around that to get actual cash in their own name. As SW says below by far the vast majority of the Irish tax take.

Would you give fine gael credit for changing the tax rules to remove loopholes (which exist due to other countries differences in their tax code as much as anything) to change that “tax haven” status as you see it?


Did Fine Gael do that change out of their sense of fair play or was it EU pressuring them to do it?


Well by god do you give them dogs abuse when they’re pressured by the EU into doing other things…


Presumably due to pressure from the EU but wasn’t something that had to be done but I don’t know the ins and outs of it


Are you sick of seeing all those lovely multi-national jobs?

It’s messed up but it’s keeping a lot of people off the dole and away from the airport.

Sure, you could argue that these companies could pay a bit more tax but that’s a dangerous game of chicken we probably can’t afford to lose.


And your point been young Fine Gael? Should you not be enjoying yourself pulling pints in Bratislava or what ever the feck it is? No?

Fine Gael imo are self serving and only do things to suit themselves and never for the good of the people.


I reckon Hugh Coveney lives on some desert island with Lord Lucan and Robert Maxwell and a bevvy of beauties. Always doubted Coveney’s “death”. Maybe he has gone to Coventry, as the autospell on my phone is suggesting.


They found the body and had an autopsy …


No because there are loopholes left in. Read the front page of The Examiner today.


No links please …


It is the richest companies that I am talking about.

If we take some tax, they’ll hardly run off as it’s still less than they would pay in any other country close to European markets with a well-educated English-speaking workforce.


The double malt? There will always be loopholes when different countries have different laws and interpretation about residency. In this case Malta is the tax haven as you say though if Im not mistaken?


On Maxwell? Coveney? Lord Lucan? Lots of people back then could be bought off. Maxwell, being Jewish, was “buried” before sunrise the next day, along with all his debts to The Mirror Group Employees’ Pension scheme.
I don’t buy it.