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Exactly. All big multinationals pay practically no tax here and not just Apple…because we are a tax haven.


No I’m not joking. The independent tds didn’t defeat water charges a protest movement by the general public did. A few of the Looney lefties attatched themselves to it as it gained momentum but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking they defeated the charges. The people did. I’m living around the corner from Ruth for 4 years now. She is a fraud of a politician. My wife was chastised at the door by her because “she’s a woman and should be voting for women”. When quizzed on policy she was found wanting. No thanks


The independents and PBP/AAA are 2 separate entities imo, Catherine Murphy has the ability to ask the difficult questions of the government, and Daly & Wallace have actually improved over time as they are getting beyond rhetoric and to the crux of the issues with the Gardai etc. They are all developing an ability to put even the slickest minister on the back foot and it is good for democracy to have people who are capable of asking the hard questions and following up on them.

Paul Murphy and RBB however carry on like they are still student union politicians shouting and roaring but with no substance to them, Murphy in particular hasn’t a clue and is a massive dis-improvement from Joe Higgins. He’s as odious as AK-47, just without the shiny suit.


Paul Murphy and Rich Boy Barrett are not independents. Murphy is a member of The Socialist Party (under whatever cover they use now: Solidarity; AAA) and Barrett is the Socialist Workers Party (aka People Before Profit). The socialist party/AAA/Whatever-you’re-having-yourself were an absolute liability during the right2water campaign, if they can’t hijack a protest movement they just cause ructions within it.


you do realise those tax laws have been changed in the last few years? They are been phased out until 2020.

And by anyone else, I meant that they were available to Irish and multinational companies

So do you think that the EU should have control over our tax policy?


This thread is the best thing since sliced bread.


I think I might start a poll…


I don’t think it’s uniquely Irish. Last June apart, the Tories generally get more votes than the opinion polls suggest. That tells me that a lot of people vote Tory but will never admit it.




That was the last straw !


That deserves a toast.


setting the bar low there. Yes. I do.


do what now.
Apple agreed a nominal 1% rate of tax outside of the nominal 12.5% rate of corporation tax and effectively paid .1% tax. not the 1% agreed.
If they were able to agree 1% in the first place they’ve received state aid. By definition.


Where did they agree 1%?


I know ministers are well paid but Is he a millionaire?


His old man was I think .


didnt know that.

Feckin langer.


Hugh Coveney was born into one of Cork’s prosperous “merchant prince”[citation needed] families in 1935. He was educated at Christian Brothers College, Cork, Clongowes Wood College and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. He worked as a chartered quantity surveyor before entering politics.

In March 1998 it became publicly known that the Moriarty Tribunal had questioned Coveney about whether he had a secret offshore account with Ansbacher Bank, a bank which had become notorious for facilitating tax-evasion. Ten days later, on 13 March 1998, Coveney visited his solicitor to change his will. The next day, 14 March 1998, Coveney died in a fall from a seaside cliff while out walking alone. His son, Simon Coveney, insisted that his father had never held an Ansbacher account.[3] It later emerged that Hugh Coveney had $175,000 on deposit in the secret Cayman Island-based bank. The account was closed in 1979.[4]

Not to wish I’ll of the dead but Caymen Islands …cough cough .


all the Cork merchant princes ( the have yachts) were their necks in off shore accounts


I’d know she wouldn’t be as arrogant. What’s better? How do you measure that?