Irish Politics


You’re fairly non solid/liquid yourself chief! I have great time for Clare Daly, Wallace, Catherine Murphy etc. I have much time for Paul Murphy, Boyd-Barrett etc for their stances in many areas including water charges. I believe that neo-liberalism is literally evil and is eating our planet. So that’s me off the fence then. Who do you vote for?


Wallace … alriiiiighthy then. I take it you never supplies him with builders provisions


Someone will have to explain to me how Wallace never got jail time for not paying VAT he collected


Tayto he has done huge service to this state. He lost it in the recession and has much publicised tax issues etc. Even before that, he had hoardings on buildings in Dublin decrying what was happening. He is more honest than many of them. He was involved in opening up the Guards, NAMA etc and kept at it.


None of those.

What is neo-liberalism?


Who do you vote for? I’ve been open. Your turn. You know well what neo liberalism is!!


I don’t go along with lazy labels and generalisations

How does your political heroes’ attitude to migrants sit with your stance on that issue?


Yerra none of your obfuscation now boss! Answer the question. Who do you vote for? What are you hiding? When I hear ‘lazy labels’ I feel a non-answer coming on! Ignore my labels and generalisations and answer the question before you start asking others.


In the Dáil last year Mick Wallace called for Ireland to become a champion for minors who are refugees, saying he knew plenty of people who would take them in, and said he would take one himself. He is one of your heroes. Do you agree with him. All the others you mentioned would share that sentiment. Do you agree with them.

I don’t have a blanket political philosophy where x is good and y is bad. That’s what has the likes of Trump in power. I try to look at things from many angles.


Answer the question like a good man. I’ll reply to your more recent questions once you answer. It is a simple question. Who do you vote for? Or Even, who did you vote for in the last general election? (P.S. I don’t have any heroes)


That’s my business.

I was just curious as to how a bloke with your views on migrants has such regard for people who would be repulsed at those views.

No need to answer though,


Grow a pair. You know my view on Ibrahim. Don’t be making sweeping, judgemental statements and losing the run of yourself. I have been honest. You are great for sound bites and claptrap but I have asked you a simple question and you have done a runner.


You’re the only one running bud. I don’t vote along civil war lines etc.


You have now refused, repeatedly, to answer a simple but important question that frames our conversation. You have practically judged me to be a racist. If you are not ashamed of who you voted for last time, share it! You asked me who I favoured politically and I had the liathroidi to answer. You don’t. I smell blue shirt!!


Answer ze question schwein! Ve hav vays of making you talk!


I’d say he/she voted neo-reballi number one, and Opus Dei two.
I voted neo-romantic.


I didn’t ask you who you voted for. I asked you who you liked. It’s just that you have me confused.

Most of the people you admire campaigned for Ibrahim. I was just curious as to how that sits with you.

I like the odd blue shirt - matches my eyes. But I don’t blindly follow any ideology. And I am never ashamed of anyone I vote for.


Well then, who did you vote for in the last election? Nothing circumloquitous please, just names!! Then we’ll talk.


Secret ballot. Wouldn’t even tell the missus. Though I doubt there’s much point in us having such a chat anyway.

But I like most of your posts elsewhere.


I line Catherine Murphy I had high hopes for the social democrats. I like daly aswell and Boyd-Barrett. Murphy I respect for the water charges and fir standing up to the pair of pricks that are hogan and Kelly.