Irish Politics


I thought she was a class act. Me bollox


Beeko, has FF resigned yet?


Forgot about Daragh Calleary too.
Bunch of rat bastards




Frances Fáil(ure)?


They are all just as bad as each other though.

If there is a general election there’s actually nobody decent to vote for.

Fianna Fail- Thieving fooks
Fine Gael- Not a hope would I give them a vote
Labour- Nope
Independents- I’ve given them before but not again, Shane Ross is the worst Sports Minister we’ve had, Finnian jumped into bed with Fine Gael and changed his mind on the water charges.


Exactly. So whats the point in an election now only to waste a pile of cash and not have a clear message for brexit etc.


Well actually, didn’t they say the same in Britain before the last election? And it will eventually prove to have stopped a very bad govt there doing what they could have done with the majority they had prior to calling it.


For my sins I’ve never voted in an election since I’ve been old enough to vote . I’m apolitical & thankfully none of these things bother me too much . Politics or religion were never really discussed in our family though I know the old man was a FFer .


Fair point but they had a major issue to agree on, actually think FG are playing brexit quite well.


Coveney especially


This whole brexit blinder thing. Can someone explain what the stroke of genius is here?


Don’t think i went as far as saying it was genius.


Ok so quite well. So tell? Please don’t say it’s by threatening veto. Because you have the Irish electorate to thank for having a veto in the first place. Due to a renegotiation of nice or lisbon


like i said, quite well is about as glowing a review i would put on it and i set the bar very low.


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer still…

Coveney is the new Tanaiste.


Josepha Madigan. I swear Leo does his best to piss me off.
Jackboot Madigan more like


Seems to be a recurring theme in SF over the last few years


Between herself, McEntee and Kate the pharmacist…hateful sociopathic bints. As I said before, there is a lack in the type of people who join and/or are attracted to the Blueshirts world view. Something un-Irish. A bullying, capitalist sneer that they just cannot hide.


You’re a gas man. Do you like anyone? UKIP? National Front types? Trump?