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Absolutely. It is a joke to say that the vote was illegal. Any vote would have been illegal! The powerful write the laws to suit themselves. How many Irish, African, Indian etc rebels did the British slaughter for ‘treason’ i.e. trying to get free? Mandela went from being a terrorist to a freedom-fighter! The powerful use language to suit their needs.


1916 leaders had very apathetic support among many, and opposition among a good few, is my impression. But maybe that was propoganda


Alan , you mention the Good Friday agreement, if I remember correctly there had to be a change to the Irish constitution in order to bring in the Good Friday agreement, those changes here are nigh on impossible.
You say it would be criminally negligent of Spain to allow things to proceed , maybe so, but this did not start a month ago, there have been protests on the 11th of September with crowds of up to two million people taking part for the last 6 six years.
Was it not criminally negligent not to take an action whatsoever during that time outside of saying "Our hands are tied it is anti constitutional " Had the Irish government showed the same attitude there would have been no Good Friday agreement.


Puigdemont looks like a Billy Bunter figure at this stage … with a fried egg on top …

Politics is largely … if not all about … timing …


If you think that is bad read this … Our Motor tax for a few years was also being diverted away from the upkeep of the road infrastructure and instead used to support the set up of Irish Water. Over €800m … seriously over €800m.


In other news…

Hitler’s army has invaded Poland.


Catalan ministers jailed for rebellion and sedition. Old school.


The charge of rebellion is totally outrageous, the charge of rebellion includes violent acts, one of the violent acts the prosecutor referred to was people bang pots and pans on their balconies as a protest The Judge refused to give bail because of a risk of them going on the run, two of them came from Belgium to the hearing, knowing that there was a high chance of being sent to prison, doubt they would have done so if they had any intention of going on the run.
The only positive I suppose is that Rajoy seems intent on getting on overall majority for the pro independence parties in the December elections.


Old news it may be but something that slipped nicely under the radar and very few know about it.

It’s also €800m worth of money that you and me and everyone else paid as Road Tax. Our roads have been left in disrepair in the meantime and we’ve people dying on the streets.

Not sure why you felt the need for such a smart arse reply.


Ah relax. It was a bit of humour.


Tried to find out what other Media had been covering this, couldn’t find a dickie bird.

@HawkEye the article you posted is from Feb 2015. Oireachtas Report from, paints a different picture 2015-2017 grants from Tax Payer Money now at € 1,691m.


To make sure I’m not mistaking here… that is almost 1.7 Billion of tax payers money given to Irish Water since 2015 yeah?

Here is a video from the time too of the report on RTE News. It is barely believable.


I wonder how much has be spent on paying back the gambling debts of private banks in the same timespan?


Thought it strange that one of Anglo’s bankers had his house broken into this week, and his laptops stolen with vital information on it. Oh, and the safe Garda location of all the rest of the files was also broken into this week.


Really? That’s mad, and nobody commenting on it.


There’s nothing they would not stoop to.


probably the same people that burgled Waterford crystals urine tests.


Obviously fancies a nice off the beaten track holiday maybe on Paddy’s day ???


Jesus wept. These local yokels are such an embarrassment. He should bring the other d’Unbelievables with him too, Mattie McGrath (A few pints makes you a better driver) and Healy-Rae ('twas the fairies that did it - and I saw them). When the North Koreans see the unintended effects of democracy, Kim’s popularity will soar!


Barry Walsh, in the spirit of political jousting, can I just say you’re a c*nt.