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Facing up to 30 years in prison for “Rebellion” apparently

Spanish government is really trying hard to create martyrs out of these lads


Quite convenient!


It’s called diplomacy.
I’d imagine extradition between Belgium and Spain is fairly straightforward.


Apparently not. Belgium is one of the few EU countries where you can claim political asylum.


Unfortunately in a country that beats the shite out of peaceful protesters, that jails the organizers of peaceful protests, that refuse to allow people express the views in referendums, that overthrow democatically elected local goverments for following through on their electoral promises. He may have no option, but I seriusly doubt that is the reason he is in Belgium.


I’ll take your word for it… I’m not clicking on that website.


To stay in Belgium would be a sensible move, here he likely to be imprisoned and at the moment that would hugely increase the chance of violence, he can continue to work from Belgium but not from prison. The Spanish have offered absolutely nothing to solve issue, everything they do is by force. There may not be grounds for independence or even support but there is a problem that needs solving and they dont seem to have any idea of how to go about it. They just continuosly want to provoke more and more


I think that’s a small bit unfair Alan, given the behaviour of the police so far in this. The Spanish govt. are not handing this well and threatening to gaol people for years …a runner might be wise!!




The Spanish Govt faced down a terrorist campaign by Basques. Rightly or wrongly they may feel the need to take a hardline approach to discourage similar moves by other regions.


I think history generally shows that a hardline approach usually breeds further contempt and, ultimately, violence.


Intimidation seems to be a big factor here .Do they not realise that rarely works when you have a commited movement like the Catalan one .


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


You’re right, there are some dangerous loonies out there. Like the Peoples Popular Front for the Liberation of Benidorm. Then there’s the Torremolinos Three and the Costa Blanca Banditos.


Don’t forget the Canaries Wharf Bombers


ANd of course Puigdemont didn’t break any laws…



By that train of thought, we’d all be living under the United States of Great Kingdom if every person associated with rebellion acted entirely within the law.


Yes but there is a law in place to govern how this whole thing should take place. Much like the Good Friday Agreement. Mr. Puigdemont seems to have completely ignored that. And not from a position where he has an overwhelming majority but in a situation where the people of Catalonia are all but split down the middle. It would be criminally negligent of Spain to allow things to proceed without check under those circumstances.


Alan, this train has been coming a long, long time. The Spanish govt has been sweeping it under the carpet for a long time now.
The 1916 Rising leaders could well have had less support among their own that what Puigdemont currently has.
Intransigence will lead to contempt. Contempt will lead to provocation, legally or illegally. Whether it is legal or illegal may depend on which side of the argument you sit.