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Maybe they should have given independence:laughing::laughing::laughing:


On a more serious note, I said yesterday that I felt that the pro indo parties would not take part in the election on the 21st, I am not so sure now, but if they do the likelyhood is that they will win with more or less the same majority as they had before. Where would this leave Rajoy, he applied the article 155 to put a government out of power, he then calls hurried elections which restore the party he overthrew, does he apply the same article again.


The real danger here now is actually polarisation and division among the Catalonian people themselves. Strikes me that there is an appetite for independence but maybe not enough … it appears to me that Puigdemont may have been (unwisely) trying to force the issue.


This is one of many near misses throughout the years , how HTF we are all still here …


The referendum was a bit of a farce, trying to use that vote to justify declaring independence is dubious at best. Huge anti independence march again today. This is more derisive then Saipan!

is it just me or does the BBC seem to be enjoying this a bit too much?


The people and the Catalan Government know that the referendum was not real so to speak, but under the circumstances it was a victory to be even able to vote at all, also it is true that almost 2 and a half million voted, another 700k were unable too, so it is a fairly strong indication of what is out there.
Personally I think Rajoy may have shot himself in the foot yet again, there is a strong possibility now that he will be responsable for ousting Puigdemont and reinstalling him in a space of two months, if the independent parties go up for the election and that possibility is looking stronger now, there is little doubt they will win by the same or more and then what does Rajoy do? Apply article 155 again.


So about a third of people eligible to vote didn’t?


another reason to hate the church


The no voters were never going to vote, but the question is how many possible yes voters didn’t vote? There is no doubt that it is very 50-50, I would have said a few years a go that No would win fairly easy, but there is no doubt that the attitude of the central government in recent years has favoured the yes vote.


There has always been a division, the only thing is that there seems to be this idea that asking pro unity people to go into an independent Catalonia is creating divisions, but forcing pro independence to stay in Spain isn’t. I use asking and forcing because the pro independence groups are willing to vote on the issue, but the unionists are not.


I wonder how many non-Catalan people were on the protest, though?


People say that about every anti independence rally though. Would people bother bussing themselves in from Madrid?



Possibly in the same way Basques were in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago?


Would people bother travelling from Ireland in the bad old days of transport to fight in a war that was nothing much to do with them? Kinda puts bussing/luxury high-speed train riding from Madrid in perspective


imagine what it was like for the crusaders. Nerry a sniff of an airport lounge or anything.


The neanderthals travelling conditions were, quite frankly, neanderthal.


Got it in one, haven’t read the book since I was a teenager so must give it another read.


180 buses came from outside to the last one., but it is really irrelevant, as I said before the split is fairly even and it would be very close were a referendum to be called. Funny though there are two pro independence leaders in Jail at the moment for organizing peaceful protests, the same criteria is clearly not used for both sides.


I see the Catalan PM has legged it to Belgium.

Talk about having the courage of your convictions.


Legged it?
He’s meeting Flemish politicians, apparently.