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Place will be destroyed. Companies already up and leaving. It’ll be great to be independent and unemployed!


Plenty of positives & negatives here .It would be a struggle to get on its feet but they are probably thinking about further generations down the line .They could be fooked too , who knows , but they seem willing to take that chance .
That bit about EU membership would be a big worry though .I hope they’ve thought this through .


I find it really funny that the more left leaning parties think this is all great. Then you realise that the Catalans want out for a number of reasons including the fact that they’re tired bank rolling the rest of the country.

Not very socialist is it :smiley:


Rational thought has no place in the Catalan separatist’s agenda. At its core lies a group of idealists determined to make the region monocultural and monolingual at any cost. They must be given their say but I only hope enough Catalunyans can look beyond the Madrid government’s overreactions and see how deluded their leadership is and vote accordingly on December 21st.


It might be a bit simplistic but was this not some of the ideals which were included in our pursuit of independence.It can mean a lot to people .
.Albeit we had 700 years of oppression from our overlords .


The 700 years of oppression is a big deal. The Catalans have had nothing of the sort. There’s a lot of this is about money imho.


Where will all this Independence stop. You’ll have that Skerries crowd looking for independence next. Mind you they are a bit … different …


Which league will Barcelona FC play in now? The end of La Liga?


Part of the reason this situation is so misunderstood in Ireland is people filling in the gaps in their knowledge of the country and the region with analogies based on what happened here. The situations bear little comparison.

Catalunya and its language was undoubtedly oppressed under Franco (as were other regions of Spain along with anybody else less than engrossed with his conservative Nationalism). That oppression ended when the 1978 constitution gave them a large degree of autonomy and cultural/language rights. Frankly, the seeds of this current situation were sown in allowing Catalunya unchecked powers in education, media and language policy in the region. It has allowed a lunatic fringe to present a lopsided and jaundiced perspective of the last century. Forty years ago, Catalans despised Franco for the decades of cultural suppression he imposed on them. Many of those that have grown up in the region since then have been brought up to despise Spain.

The freedom Catalan separatists seek is the freedom to ensure policies they’ve already succeeded in applying to some degree are imposed on everybody living in the region, whether they like them or not. For example, only 2% of Catalans don’t speak Spanish and they’re mostly elderly people in isolated areas, while 45% of the population speak little or no Catalan. Yet the Regional Government has succeeded in making proficient Catalan a requirement for almost all public jobs. That has largely limited employment in such posts to the native population in a region that has always had a lot of migration from other parts of Spain and immigration from Latin America. They obviously arrive speaking Spanish, a language 98% of the population speak. The obvious solution is the bilingual one the region had until relatively recently but that wasn’t enough for the fanatics, who ludicrously claim their language will die out in a bilingual environment. Don’t doubt for a second that there’s a large dose of calculated racism wrapped up in this policy.


@uroy thanks for that. Do you mind me asking - do you have a personal connection with Catalonia/Spain or just read up on it etc?


URoy, do you mean 2% of Catalans cannot speak Spanish?


Yes, good spot, edited that now.


Howaya uory! Long tile no see!

You can bet the basques are next.


Putin must be pissing himself , the West is imploding.


La Liga would be perfectly fine without Barcelona .I say it might be a case of Swansea or other Welsh clubs playing in the Championship or EPL will include them .But I reckon if they were to gain independence La Liga would tell them to fook right off .It’s going to be very hostile for Barca going forward whatever happens .And as for the likes of Pique & Iniesta . All the good will they had when Spain where winning all about them might be out the window .The next El Classico is going to be off the scale !


Welcome back, @URoy.

To my shame, I was shite at Irish in secondary school to the point of failing it in my Leaving Cert (and not caring too much about it either). I’m sure things have changed over the years but back then, this prevented me from applying to join An Garda Síochána and The Civil Service.


Iniesta isn’t Catalan.


Planet Earth is pretty damned resilient.Its the human race that will suffer.


Nice to have you back uroy ,


He plays for Barca though . He was a hero after 2010.That will be out the window now , guilt by association.