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Sad day for democracy, the spanish Government have decided to overthrow the democratically elected catalan government and then call elections in the region. Democratically this does not make sense as it is very clear that the pro independence parties would win any election by an even bigger majority than they have now, but it seems that the Spanish plan is not to allow any party stand that has anything contradictory to the constitution in the programme. A bit like not letting pro abortion parties go up for election in Ireland. If Europe can stand up for that kind of democracy I honestly don’t know why they spend their time criticizing the likes of Turkey or Venezuela.
In saying that, all of this is easier said than done, it remains to be seen what the stance of public service workers will be when it comes to working under the new regime, it would not surprise me if unilateral independence is declared tonight.


Is Franco still dead ?


Anybody else get the feeling the Ibrahim Halawi thing is going to blow up in everybody’s faces??


Yes ! Especially when people delve into his family’s background !

Can see him on the late late with tubs over next few weeks with absolutely no hard questions asked .


In what way?


There’s no hard questions asked off anyone unless you are a posh boy socialist or a Sinn Fein politician. The nodding dog Turbridy will have them carefully wrote out for him. But don’t worry turbridy has message for all the little boys and girls living in hotels about Christmas santy knows where you are.


Be careful with your choice of words. :wink:


Careful now or you’ll be called a racist. I’m a racist and I have proved it by calling Halawa for what he is.


I’m not sure, and not implying anything either, but with cause celebres it can often happen that something comes out that alters the picture.

And I must say I question what has driven this campaign - is it another misguided narcissistic-based ‘movement’? I’m not sure.


Should we all be racist now?


A bash at honesty about him would be a good start. There is a difference between honesty and racism.


Yes there is, but then sometimes honest opinions are racist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Meanwhile the walking toilet brush who deliberately and systemically underpaid his VAT bill by €1.4m not only gets to keep his seat in parliament but will see no irony in morally lecturing everyone else …


He couldn’t resist a pop off the haters when arriving home yesterday. His prime focus should’ve been on being reunited with his family instead of such a public two fingers & I echo the sentiments above that nobody will properly challenge him on his motives.

Get me a bucket


I wonder how far this will run?

Nothing on the BBC’s website, as far as I could see though the Guardian covers it here…


Sorry, Mrs Fitzgerald, but I’ve never had much confidence in banks, let alone politicians. Don’t throw stones from within that glasshouse. A former Justice Minister whose time in that position saw gang crime escalate to unprecedented levels.


So Catalonia parliament has declared independence , things are gonna get real now !


Pun Police alert!!!


Must you always Basque in your pun glory …


Don’t get your knickers in a twist.