Irish Politics


He wants Britain to remain in the EU due to his own business interests. No other reason.


Agree but he also was anti-eu due to his extensive business interests in the us military. His only loyalty is to the greenback.


US interests…a United States of Europe would pose a serious threat to US dominance…we are heading that way…wouldn’t be a fan of a USE myself.


there was a man on the radio last night about the proeseution of solier F. He said the same group was involved in the ballymurphy massacre and they were notorious murderors.

Meanwhile the UK Department of Defence will find whatever legal costs psychopath F will need to meet the prosecution.

Assuming he was a late teens/early twenties squaddie at the time he must be in his sixties now. I wonder where he ended up within the British Military (or other) establishment, since we still dont know his name. I wonder if a big surprise may be on the cards when he is indicted.



Off they go, I’m sure their mate who owns Ryanair will do a group deal to Stansted.


Fine gael - the commonwealth party. Kuntz.



I see he mentioned his adoration for Poppy loving Frankie and his work for Unionism in the Seanad.


Wow. What a huge ■■■■ up. Political suicide right there.


They might not be good on health, or housing but they are solid on the national question.


The DUP wheel out J Donaldson to southern audiences.

The mild-mannered Daniel O’D lookalike.

He’s much more palatable than the likes of Sammy W, Gregory Campbell, Nigel Dodds or even Arlene herself.

But he’s the same man that left the UUP in protest at GFA. And policy-wise there’s no difference with him and his colleagues.

I imagine many in FG just love him.


‘The commonwealth is a place where Ireland’s voice should be heard’.

Grand Jeffrey.

What about the voices of the majority up north who wanted their voice heard in Europe?


I wonder what Michael Collins must be thinking?


I dunno, I’ll tell ya what I think… I hate them blue shirt kuntz nearly more than I hate the DUP.


“Commonwealth”…The Empire steals your WEALTH, and then you are COMMON.


I’m wary of bringing up figures from history as the context is different from today’s

But in the case of Michael Collins you’re bang on.

I mean it’s not as though the UK govt has a gun to Ireland’s head demanding this.

Instead you have an Anglo-centric FG’er who voluntarily wants this. I’m all for good relations…but lose your identity? Maybe he’s looking to collect his gong in the New Year’s honours list.


Jeffy is a great man for watching movies!!!


It defies logic…or maybe I just can’t relate to people who feel that way.

Or maybe I just can’t understand them full stop.


Mary Lou said last year that she would like to see a debate on Ireland joining the Commonwealth.

Must be part of the mythical “equality agenda” :grinning: