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Not sure how much Joe uses that to sound more moderate / convincing.

Listening to him on the radio, he’d make a good politican.

Smart, articulate and very comfortable on the radio with his media background. And he never shuts up.


in a nutshell.


Big day for the people of Derry today, hopefully the beginning of the end of a long long road.


BREAKING: ONE British Soldier to be charged over the murders on Bloody Sunday:


Out of all 18?


high ranking?




Yes, charged with two murders and four attempted murders.


I doubt it, they said it is “Soldier F” and if I remember correctly from the evidence at Savill he is just a foot soldier.


No way he’ll be found guilty, if it even gets to trial, as it’s way too political to find an impartial jury.


It will be a non-jury Diplock type court.

Incidentally, the GFA agreement provides for reduced sentences for those charged with offences from 1973 onwards if I remember correctly, so he is not covered by that if found guilty.


The Brits will always take the piss.


And is if to emphasis the point…the headline from the online Dailymail:

“A bloody outrage: Veterans’ fury as former British Army soldier WILL be charged with two murders…”

Military veterans have slammed a decision to charge a former British soldier with the murder of two men in the Bloody Sunday shootings.


To have got it this far is some achievement for the families and that said must be a disappointment that others have escaped prosecution so far. In reality if there was to be a conviction the sentence will not not the main thing, a member of the British army would be held criminally responsible for murdering civilians. Like i say the achievement has been getting it to this point after waiting so long to get justice I would say the families are ready for the court battle,


Personally (and I speak as someone who has not been affected directly by Bloody Sunday) I think it would be pointless at this stage to be sending anyone to prison. However, senior British Army figures who gave authorisation should be prosecuted and stripped of their rank and have any pensions revoked.


Having previously lived there I have a good number of friends still living there and in recent times they have been visited by English cops from the Historical Enquiries Team.

The Brits are still trying to extradite a number of people from here too.

What’s good for the goose…


I get that. At the end of the day, their are victims’ families on all sides that need justice and closure. I’d rather institutions and/or those at the top would be held accountable.


Declan Ganley displaying his usual obnoxious double standards on tonight show. A complete scumbag.


What did he say?


Nothing in particular. Defending Trump and wanting the brits to stay in the eu. Bit rich especially considering he ran anti -eu campaign in a couple of treaty referendum. Defending trump no surprise considering Ganley s contracts with the us military.