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John Downey is 67 years old and is accused of killing two UDR members 47 years ago. The British Government are presently dragging him before the courts…

I have little or no interest in jailing the foot soldiers for what they did on Bloody Sunday or in Ballymurphy, I do however have a deep interest in going after those who gave the orders.

Everybody goes to jail or nobody goes to jail.


There was a documentary interviewing British troops who’d served here. Think it’s still on bbc iPlayer.

The thing that struck me was how young they were - maybe late teens.

Lots of Geordie accents and for all of them - it was the first time they’d set foot out of England.

Most said they never understood here, and the tours of duty frayed their nerves. They were dropped in the deep end.

Most joined the army due to a lack of work opportunities.

As you say…I don’t think families are looking to drag foot soldiers through the courts. It’s more trying to find out what happened so they can get closure.

I’d say on a personal level, there are people from all parties who’d be open to some sort of truth and amnesty. But it’s political dynamite.


Every 6 months a new regiment was brought in. Officers would hype up there young naive lads telling them they were the men to come in a sort out the Ra boys. They behaved and treated innocent locals despicably but there is no acountability for the officers who sent them in to do what they did.

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be apologising for soldiers bad behaviour and wrong doing but history repeated itself in Iraq and Afghanistan with later generations.

Met a Geordie through work and after many encounters and getting to know me he told me he served in Northern Ireland. Told me by end of tour none of the lads understood why they were there, were scared, dissilusioned and that his regiments behaviour over time was the greatest recruiting tool for the Ira.


Just on your last point.

In the same documentary…one of the soldiers said their patrol probably made things worse.

They were couped up in barracks for months on end, and when they went out on patrol they saw the locals as potential enemies.

I’ve heard of some troops coming back here and meeting with locals and even former prisoners in order to make sense of things.


if you cannot accept that there was that support, that it existed, then how come we ended up with the GFA? maybe you think the GFA and the peace process is simply a cod to get the Nationalsists in the North to lay down their arms with a never ending, but never fullfilled list of promises which the unionists have no intentino of ever fullfilling. There may be some merit in that argument, in my opinion.

that support existed, those things happened, and yes politics is a nasty nasty thing and there was no way that FF was going to admit to doing anything that led credance to SF in the run up to things like The Anglo Irish Agreement, The Downing Street Declaration and the Good Friday Agreement. All of the anger and hatred you feel towards FF/FG can be found, in the other direction, on the floor of any FF Ard Feis, back towards SF and that gap will never be closed.

Saying things like Manseragh was a glorified messanger boy? Who was he delivering messages from, and to whom? Have a bit of balance. Crediting everyone (like the american influence) but the ones you simply refuse to give any credit to whatsoever is the opposite of the sort of things that Adams and McGuinness did.


Given the legal shenanigans that went on with the letters of comfort and the On The Run stuff, there is not a hope in hell anyone from any side will show up to a truth and reconciliation forum



You have a point.

Someone that did something when they were 17 or 18 in the early 70s…may well have a different life now - without friends, work colleagues or even family knowing their past.

It’s unlikely they’ll want to come forward.

Unfortunately there are victims on all sides who’ll never find the truth. And with the passage of time - nearly 50 years worst-case - a lot of people have taken their secrets to the grave with them.


Does Bernard and Alan Brogan own a hotel in Meath? See they’re getting Twitter grief as gemma o Doherty and her band of loonies are doing something in ashbourne tomorrow and the hotel is blocking complaints.


Their uncle(Ollie)afaik owns the Pillo hotel just at the roundabout at Ashbourne. They’re supposed to have some stake in it but I m not 100% sure.


That’s the one.


Was once a Radisson Hotel?


This from the man that recently introduced Joe Brolly at an organ donation event to multiple people as the “Londonderry man who brought the Sam Maguire to the UK”

What an absolute sorry excuse of a human being this rodent is. You know the DUP are digging their own grave


Jim Wells is an absolute wing nut…but scarily in line with many DUP voters.

Anti gay marriage.

Banned blood from gay donors as Health Minister

Claimed kids from gay marriage are more likely to be involved in crime

Claimed gay couples are more likely to abuse children

Anti-science / young creationist.

Believes the worlds is less than 10,000 yrs old. Campaigned to have this taught in science classes, Giant’s causeway visitor centre, and Ulster museum.


Pretty mad stuff. But hardly a ‘rodent’ or a sorry excuse for a human being Mayoman?


Digging their own grave? I’ll help, I’m good at burying shit. Especially shits thats ■■■■ all good to anyone…

Who’s with me?


Heard Joe Brolly on talkback.

He invited Jim Wells (as Health Minister) to an event about donor donation.

Completely non-political event.

Joe said he and the Consultant just stared at each other in embarrassment when Jim Wells started his snide, bigoted remarks. Totally inappropriate.

Joe describes himself as a middle-class, liberal moderate nationalist. Said he wants here to work, But said the DUP are almost impossible to work with.


The irony is that the DUP see themselves as religiously enlightened compared with the backward, priestly, superstitious south.

I need a sedative…


another irony is that joe is in his hole a liberal moderate nationalist :wink:


Sorry about this, but, did anyone else read that as “Ballinahinch” and go WTF has Tipp got to do with Unionists :eyes::eyes: