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Well if it’s not too much bother, I’d like to report pretty much all posts from Armagh, Derry & Kerry.

Not that I’m bitter.


Unless you live in Brazil that is…


Does anyone share the belief that what Karen Bradley said yesterday about the British Army and the RUC was not accidental at all? Boris Johnson had a telegraph article saying how the paras shouldnt be prosecuted over Bloody Sunday and now this.

Next week the DPP in the north will announce what, if any, charges are going to be brought.

This is the Secretary of State who inadvertantly confrimed the views of a certain element of the English population towards the north when appionted - sheer ignorance. She never knew that the political divide meant that protestants vote unionist and catholics nationalist (and, no, she wasnt thinking about the small numbers who buck that trend or vote for other parties). She has gone from that to this statement, a process Eamon McCann described as “unlearning”.

Next week will be very interesting.


Do you think the Tories are deliberately trying to stir the pot of shit up there?


Hard not think this is part of a planned motion to offer statute of limitations / amnesty for the British army.

The problem is that if Parliament offers this to the british army - they have to make it law for everyone.


What about the GFA, Sunningdale, the Anglo-Irish Agreement?

as a teenager i used to buy John Feehan’s books (cant remember if it was from the SF bookstore in Parnell Square, the Officals one down near caple street or Connolly books but i’m sure they all had his stuff). a lot of his books were on the cituation and anti-fitzgerald and pro-haughey. then haughey got in, and he had to write “an apology to the irish people”.

The thing is, Haughey (FF) and Fitzgerald (FG) were genuinely trying to sort out the north to the advantage of the nationalist/catholic community. they were trying to do so independantly of SF and of the various factions of the movement. If they weren’t there would have been no support in the background for the Hume Adams talks, for trying to bring people like Gutsy Spense round, and for people like Martin Manseragh putting out contacts to the IRA in full knowledge of Charlie Haughey and Bertie Ahern. They were also very behind the Gleencree Centre doing other, background, stuff.

I ended up on the periphery of all that through a man I worked with who was a member of the Birmingham Six Committee so I got to meet all of these guys back in the 93-95 period.

Thats is not to say that there were not people like John Bruton, Eoghan Harris, Conor Curise O’Brien and Eamonn Dunphy who wanted the thing to fail and for the IRA and SF to be crushed at all costs. These guys had a mixture of motives, from a desire for an island-wide communist revolution to a severe case of cultural cringe and forelock tugging. Thier adgendas frequently fell into the category of usefull idiots for the British and they were happy to use the emeny of my enemy is my friend excuse.


elements almost certainly are. People like Mike Jackson wnded up in very high positions and, lets face it, they all know each other from private schools. they will protect each other or they will ensure that all blame is put upon the squaddies there on the day with no finger pointing at the commanders.


Judging by her initial comments when she was first appointed that she didn’t know Catholics didn’t vote for unionists and vice versa with protestants would make me think she is a typical Tory who knows SFA about northern Ireland.

She made two speeches yesterday the first was how she truly fealt and the second was what the northern Ireland office wrote for her. She appears to be a brain donor who more than likely will be moved sooner rather than later.

Listening to eamon McCann who is dealing with bloody Sunday families it seems low level paras are going to be prosecuted. Although not formally announced I would say the families have been told. The DUP and Tories more than likely know and there campaign to stop the trials or acquite the soldiers has begun.

As McCann pointed out although the low level squadie commuter the murder his bosses who told him to go into the bogside and do it won’t be in the dock with him. It logically follows the establishment will be also under scrutiny so they must stop the prosecution’s at all costs.

Bradley is only the face of Tory policy toward northern Ireland and is a simpleton.


yes, i would say that her initial response was certanly a parrott of what people of influence in westminster were saying to her. Considering that it was almost a total contraction of Cameron’s speech to the commons on Bloody Sunday you can see what a dim bulb she is and I’d say the NIO were in panic stations.


The thing is that K Bradley’s comments weren’t in response to a quick-fire question from a reporter.

This was a statement made from the Despatch Box at W’Minster.

It’s hard not to conclude it was prepared - and meant to lay the ground for an attempted statute of limitations for members of the British Army.

Hard to believe she didn’t anticipate this kickback.


This was planned. As were a few attacks in the last few months…by MI5 or whoever. The British are the least trustable govt on the planet. Perpetually. They did not control Africa, India, Australia, America etc by being nice. Never, ever trust them. They leave chaos when they leave. On purpose. Its like the scorpion stinging the frog. Purely their nature. The RA had my blessing for standing against them. Now is the first time EVER that the Brits have had to negotiate from a position of weakness. Their nature is more to self harm than to give in.


Just when you think you have it figured out, your wrong. We (your average citizen) don’t know the half of what really goes on in this world. What you see in spy movies etc is not a million miles away from the truth. A relative of mine who worked in law enforcement in the US (now retired) once said that…


Or preparing the ground for getting the Loyalists and some ultra Cons to accept a new deal on Brexit? Or both reasons


Following on from and/ or in sequence with the report in The Sunday Times that stated such legislation is being considered.

I doubt it’s part of a wider coherent strategy for the north re Brexit though, I think it’s just another example of how grossly incompetent and politically inept they are.


Was listening to a radio show on it…and one security correspondent said the British govt never copped on that agreeing to legacy resolution would affect them.

I suppose if you’re an English MP and you don’t give a shit about here…you don’t think of these things until you get a knock on your door.

But Bradley is pure useless. I know she’s a tough job - but she can’t even get the optics right of being seen to try.


Great question, can you say that the successive Dublin Governments have paid anything more than lip service to any of them, especially the GFA?

To REALLY evaluate what they ACTUALLY did or allegedly achieve you have to look beyond the smoke and mirrors and watch on a parallel plain their continued and relentless efforts to undermine the Republican Movement whilst walking on eggshells in their dealings with Loyalist mobs.

Effectively they were simply another branch of the British propaganda machine and time and time again they had their hand slapped by their London bosses if they dared stray from the accepted line on everything.


I remember the day, very clearly, when David Cameron stood in front of the house of commons and apologised for the atrocities his country committed on Bloody Sunday. He used the words “both unjustified and unjustifiable, it was wrong”. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d hear a Tory PM utter those words to us, the Irish people.

Growing up in a strongly republican household, it was an incredibly emotional day. I was stunned, yet somehow warmed to the idea of the head of the Tories admitting their guilt. It was a landmark day and a life affirming hour in the peace process. My dad was quite ill at the time, but he was visibly moved and joyous, and the scenes from Derry where the crowds had gathered, were the icing on the cake. David Cameron had a lot of faults, God knows they’re too many to count, but that day has always, and forever, stuck in my mind as an immensely gargantuan step for a British Tory PM to make, and I will remember him a wee bit fondly for it.

And then you have this complete halfwit fucktard NI secretary, Karen fuckin Bradley, and the utterances of complete wanton division creation, and in one swoop, very nearly undone all the momentous peace Cameron sent to those families in Derry’s Bogside and beyond. you Bradley. F.uck you.


A double like for that Rochey!


That is some stretch. Had you said that Haughey (FF) and Fitzgerald (FG) were nothing more than cheerleaders for the SDLP and selected Catholic church leaders such as Daly as well as being a conduit for Unionist mouthpieces like the “Never off the RTE airwaves” UDR Major Ken Maginnes whilst the nasty Shinners had actors mouthing their words as part of the demonization programme I would agree with you.


Language like that can very easily be perceived as having been born of Section 31 of the Broadcasting act in that it almost innocently suggests that SF and the Republican Movement were something very separate from the Nationalist and Catholic community that you speak of. They were and are a massive part of it and their present electoral position supports that narrative.

Imporant for me personally to point out that I like your post and its contents as it is well thought out and contributes greatly to the debate,least my responses be misunderstood as any sort of attack on you or your contribution.