Irish Politics


Did you see all those sick bastards over on the R.I.P. thread? All those feckers ever seem to talk about is dead people. Scum


At least they tell the truth and don’t talk utter unadulterated crap.


Click on my name and click on yours and see how many post we each have on this topic.


Pick something in this section and lets discuss it like adults and lets see who is the bullshitter.


The Peace Process.

I have no interest - none in playing your game. But when you tell blatant lies and spin your rubbish it annoys me for sure.

But the best thing I’ll do now is totally ignore you. Your agenda is very clear - always has been.


Was it that line above that upset you Dub?


Are you Eoghan Harris or Conor Cruise O’Brien?


No but I’ve been hugely involved in cross border and cross community issues for many years and the one thing I’ve learned is that extremism will always hinder progress. Always.


Me too. Still am, and always will be. Unlike FF and FG this is not a weekend jolly of game for me.


Get a room you 2!


I read it and agree. Take your fcukin ego trippy, sociopathic self-love and go eat yourself. Cheek of you. You’ve told 2 lads tonight to get off the thread/site because you don’t agree with them? Love you.


I actually didn’t. Just keeping the world right. Someone has to.


Read your own posts. You are totally insufferable atm. Be careful you don’t fall off your high dudgeon, Ned. It’s only a forum, ffs. Oiche mhaith.


Tis indeed only a forum but there have been a constant and huge amount of abusive posts especially in the political threads in recent times but the vast majority aren’t mine. I’m on no high horse but dislike revisionism and lies.

Otherwise I love you and the other lad’s posts. Oiche mhaith.


That’s a valid point.

I read one article that said MD surveyed the political landscape and reckoned he’s find easier pickings elsewhere.

On the radio today he just waffled - as some of his previous statements don’t match up to what he’s doing now.

The more this story unfolds…the more you conclude Durkan is doing this for a cozy job.


I admire thehonestumpire for speaking his mind.

It takes courage to swim against the tide.

As the man says…the thread is about Irish Politics and the latest news is Mark Durkan and FG. So his posts are very relevant.

The truth is that even moderate nationalists have little or no affinity with FG. Its best summed up by Albert Reynolds vs John Bruton.

I’m sure there are plenty of decent FG people on a personal and constituency level. But as a nationalist, their record here has been awful.


100% agree


Agree also and just to add I blame daller on the way this thread went, his nordienest is rubbing off on the natives.


Ha ha.

Ze plan has payed off.

Sure you’ll all be saying ‘what about ye’ soon.

It’s a terrible sit-yu-ash-in. So it is.



If people have a problem with any of the posts not being in the spirit of the forum etc, feel free to report them.

Until then, carry on…