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It’s complete bollocks but rest assured a shower of absolute doses will vote for him because they were told to.


This unfortunately is true, the Fine Gael media machine will be out in force and all the nodding Churchills will advocate for this man. Hope the voters of Dublin see some sense and tell him to ■■■■ off.


You would have to laugh at Alex White… the cheek of him with this statement.

The saddest aspect of it all is the fact that having worked within the Party of European Socialists throughout his career, Mark Durkan has now signed up to the conservative European People’s Party – a group that offers a very different vision for Europe than the Party of European Socialists.

Just like the Labour Party signed up to Fine Gael to ram home all of their policies. These boys are deluded. My wish is to see Labour dismantled completely in this country.


The majority of the SDLP voted to align itself with FF.

Claire Hanna - it’s brightest and most articulate - is set against it.

Then you have its former leader M Durkan ditching the party altogether for FG - a party seen by many nationalists as a southern unionist party.

No wonder SDLP voters are disillusioned.


Ps do they use the word scundered in Dublin?

As in fed up…cheesed off ?


No. We say pissed off.


Hanna is a friend of the Freestate Labour Party.


Never knew that.

The SDLP have very few speakers. At least Claire was pro remain and was very good at getting her arguments across.


FGer’s say “slightly perturbed”.


Miffed even!


And they say it with the ‘cross but firm’ puss the minister for Cork and shitebags Simon coveney uses all the time.


If anyone wants the measure of Durkan just think about this…

He lost a “Safe” John Hume seat, the SDLP’s safest seat to SF by a very small number of votes and is now walking away and effectively handing the seat to SF as the SDLP will have to run a new and less established candidate.

Do you think he will “Fight for Dublin” in Europe?


This is embarrassing and just shows how desperate the Blueshirts are. The spin doctors have clearly given the posh boys such a spanking over having yuppie ministers who are out of touch, (Come in Eoghan…Eoghan??) that they feel a pretend new direction is necessary. Attwood, Durkan et al were never a patch on Hume, Mallon and Brid Rogers. I hope it fails.


A small but not insignificant point in all of this is that after decades of letting the nationalists in the occupied six down, both FF and FG’s new found interest in that foreign place is ONLY about using and abusing gullible fools in the SDLP whilst still playing the bash the shinners game.

FF and FG have NEVER done anything for Northern Nationalists. They both worked hand in hand with the hated RUC and UDR and fully supported the corrupt Diplock Courts.


You talk some shite pal. I’d imagine fcuk all Free State people bother their holes reading your constant rewriting history and pathetic narrative. You must think everyone is stupid. Take it somewhere else.


Give me some examples.


Might pop in to the IFI next week for this film.


I am accused of REWRITING HISTORY in a state that had Section 31 of the broadcasting act, just think about that for a minute.


It’s a real shame to see a good GAA site hijacked to peddle a political narrative. The bulk of your posts are political - why not go to instead of peddling your constant shite about the North being ignored by the South. Nauseous.


It might come as a surprise to you but this particular thread is known as “Irish Politics”

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