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Jaysus didn’t know there was a 24hr delay in dispatches reaching you from Dublin or wait does that mean you just dont trust the Dublin partitionist medjia.

Just so you know this is the only frebie the dubs will consider giving up to Nordies, league points is league points …


Ha ha.

I meant it’ll be on Talkback at 12 tomorrow - so there’s sure to be a few pundits including former SDLP’ers giving their opinion on it.

And as for freebies…sure we know you’d just love to give us some of those tasty points you have.

On second thoughts…we might grab a couple on the 16th. :grin:


Why didn’t he stand for the European elections in the occupied six last time out to show solidarity with nationalists back then?

He joined Fine Gael, no more needs to be known about his mindset.


Exactly. Took the soup. End of.


I was more thinking that if Mark Durkan was voted MEP by Dubs…it would show solidarity.

After Martin McG was hounded during the presidential election, I’d be delighted if Dubs voted for a man in Derry. I remember feeling awful for McG after he was treated badly by the press and Mariam.

Of course I’m still wrestling with the fact he went to FG…regardless if the end justifies the means.

Believe me. As a nationalist there was nothing worse than Gerry Fitt.


Because N.I. wasn’t being removed from Europe against the will of the majority by Brexit

And there we have nationalism summed up, why worry about others dividing us when we have that attitude…FFS.

For those not completely brain dead there are a large body of people the Republic will have to entice and encourage to become part of a United Ireland one day. Being a more forward looking open minded society will be one of the main ways.

MEPs are pointless, and even if it was just a gesture, the idea of an MEP representing the voices of people from the North even if it is just symbolic would show the people of the south care somewhat about the large number of people in Northern Ireland (both nationalist and unionist) who are being ignored by the DUP/Tories.

Like i say dont know much about Durkan but he cant be much worse than the empty suits we normally send.


Daller, the majority of people voting for Durkan will be blueshirt Fine Gaelers who NEVER showed ANY solidarity with the Nationalists in the occupied six.

Remember, Enda Kenny easily found his way to Enniskillen several times but for over 40 years couldn’t find his way to Derry to show solidarity with the civilians murdered on Bloody Sunday.


Don’t start your lying again please. Deal with facts. Facts.


If Durkan was elected he would do for Derry what his party colleague Chicken Curry did when he was elected to Leinster House, NOTHING! He will be elected for Dublin and will represent Dublin and not a place outside the EU (As far as the EU is concerned).


Could be me being naive.

The angle I was coming from is that wouldn’t it be good if the Dublin electorate gave their vote to M Durkan in solidarity with the hole dug for us by the DUP.

It would make the DUP even more paranoid. And show them we actually matter.

Would be really disappointed in MD if he was doing this for careerist politician reasons - a nice salary, pension with little accountability.


A meaningless gesture from a West-Brit Tory party.


I read late last night that MD was giving up his SDLP membership!

For some reason I assumed he was being co-opted into some sort of unity MEP candidate.

And he didn’t say if he’s going to re-join them.

Hard not to think he’s only going to FG because he wants a political career at any cost.


Nail on the head there Daller.


Strasbourg is the greatest gravy train in politics. It’s a trough that once their snouts are in they just don t want to leave. And without the spotlight that a TD recieves. It’s exactly why Durkan wants to run.


Yeah I have to say it seems a cushy number.

I’d take a keen enough interest in politics and I’m not really sure what an MEP does.

And I imagine the pay’s fairly decent with expenses added - and as you say not under any serious scrutiny.

Will be interesting to hear what the likes of Claire Hanna makes of it…she’s already came out against the merger with FF.


So, we’re saying the UK is right to leave the EU then?


I’m still expecting Nigel Farage to try and take his seat after Brexit.


Wouldn’t put it past him😀 , no doubt he has sorted the pension benefits from it.


Lets be clear, Durkan is looking for a seat to represent DUBLIN, an area where he has done NO work, has never been a Councillor in or from Dublin, never been a TD in or for Dublin and never even been in the Seanad. He has not served his apprenticeship and wants to run the business.

There is no LOGICAL reason as to why anyone would vote for him.


I listened to the M Durkan interview on the radio ulster today.

I can’t make sense of it. He’s standing as an MEP for a party whose domestic manifesto he disagrees with…for a city he has zero connection with.

I thought he was being co-opted by FG to help represent the northern remain vote (and give the 2 fingers to FF). Hence why Dublin voters might give him a nod.

But this smacks of a man looking to resurrect his career with any party that’ll take him.