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Darragh O Brien is a nobody of the highest order.




To put it simply…There are 158 TD’s. 58 Supported Harris, 100 didn’t.


Fianna Fails Ireland ends at Dundalk, their “Foreign Affairs” spokesperson deals with issues in such far flung places as Newry.

As for FF being upset at the Shinners not having faith in the Unionist murder gang that is the RUC, the group murdered dozens of their members and supporters and hundreds of Catholics with their night-time buddies in the UDA and UVF, isn’t that the same FF who had such confidence in the hated RUC and their Internationally condemned torture centers in Castlereagh, Gough Barracks and Strand Road, that they extradited Republicans to be further tortured.

Fúck Fianna Fail.


Varadkar says Ireland will not shut out Irish Isil terrorists who want to return.
What a muppet. Maybe the Nanny State can set these bastards up with suitable accommodations to which they are accustomed…How much would it cost to rig up a few tents up in the Park?
Varadkar = Arsehole.


posted that article in get it of your chest. Cant under why mr terrorist can’t be sent back to his own country. But I might be called racist. He will come back here and get full state support. couldn’t make it up.


Fcuk Mr.Isil terrorist no matter where he was born or what Passport he holds. Does Leo think that by not doing what the UK did makes him some kind of humanitarian? Gobshite.!!!


If my abhorrence of these AK-47 toting, rag headed, rapist, murdering bastards is considered racist then I suppose I’m guilty as charged…Fcuk them and their Jihad.




Should have got them boys to build the Childers hospital!


i try to not post in here, but I saw (and heard) two of irelands savkiours over the past few weeks so in case it wasnt mentioned here -

  1. Gemma O’Doherty is attacking Unicorns and Rainbows as they are evil and shouldn’t be in a colouring book which is EVEN IN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. She has attacked the pope and Diarmuid Martin over this too.

  2. Peter Casey was on the pat kenny show a few weeks ago “The Casey Report” going back over the controversial things he said during the prez campaign. The one i caught was “is Ireland a Social Welfare State?” considering all the things he has to say about it last year. At the end they asked him, and his answer - “no”.

think we dodged some bullets, but I would ahve loved to see a presidential address to the oireachtas on the evil of unicorns and their corruption of good catholic children.


More corruption in the Guards, this time using money from the local court poor box to fund their own gym. You could make it up…

Like the garda who had access to 13 bank accounts.


Sure leo what ever you say…


Sweet Jesus. No wonder they were nicknamed the stoops.

Gerry Fitt, Austin Currie and now M Durkan.

So he’s going to live in Derry, hasn’t a buck’s notion about Dublin (even I could name 4 streets)…yet you should vote for him as Leo says he’s a decent spud.

Give it 20 years and he’ll be accepting his knighthood.


I dunno its a bit left field but WTF do any MEP’s do, Even if its just a gesture to Northern Nationalists its better than what previous FG members were like when they referenced the City Mark Durcan come from as Londonderry.

Nessa Childers ??? Lynn Boylan ??? and Brain Hayes are the current Dublin MEP’s at least Durkan would be honest and say i haven’t a clue about Dublin nor am i going to be resident there. Dublin is gaining an extra seat from Uk exit so two fingers to the Unionists and I’d vote for him ahead of Frances Fitzgerald any day. Only Pity is he is standing for FG.


Never knew that!

In that case I’m with M Durkan as it’d be a lovely two fingers to the DUP who got me into this mess.

As you say just a bit odd he went with FG.


Yup not that well up on politics but was listening to it on the drive home in the car, Durkan came across well when some journalist tried to embarrass him into naming four roads in Dublin. Durkan said he was looking to get elected to represent not only Dublin but the island as Brexit meant British MEPs seats were being redistributed and he wanted speak up for Northern Ireland. Was very clear he was SDLP and would always be.

Thought he was very honest and i will admit I dont know a huge amount about him but he comes from the John Hume school of nationalism which is okay by me.


Well it sounds better than I first imagined.

I thought he was in the same vein as Gerry Fitt and Austin Currie who later became self-loathing nationalists. Gerry Fitt was later knighted.

On the flip side…a vote for M Durkan could be an opportunity to show solidarity with nationalists up here.

I’m sure I’ll hear more about in the news tomorrow.