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I thought that the VERY LEAST she would do was a stint on the Council, or in the Seanad or perhaps be a TD BEFORE going for the big gig.


Not really the celebrity fine Gael way now is it? Arrogant fucks.


Just watched a superb documentary on RTE1 about the Irish Revolution 1916 - 1922. Tears rolling down my cheeks. Terence Mc Swiney lasted 74 days on hunger strike before he died. No border. Ever. ■■■■ them.


What was it called?




That’s the one, watched the first episode on RTÉ Player earlier. Really good stuff


More yerra from one of the Healy Rae leprechauns .
Getting his arse handed to him here , the gombeen stuff might work on his constituents but not on live tv.


It only needs to work with his constituents unfortunately



Anyone want to guess who said this?..

“Michael Collins, a former Finance Minister for this state, would surely be appalled at
the level of mismanagement of public funds. Collins, as Finance Minister, achieved so much for this state with so little financial resources. I believe this effective management of public funds is what is missing in the running of this country today and an example of exactly
what Fine Gael means by “value for money”. We owe it to Collins and we owe it to his legacy to restore fiscal rectitude to our country and our public finances.”


Inda or Pathkal.


“Michael Collins…”


Micheal Martin


Simon Harris :rofl:

A few years ago, but still.




It would have been cheaper to have flown all of them out of the country…I hope FG don’t see this!!


I’m trying to figure out who I hate more Fine Gael or Fianna Fail. Both a bunch of complete and utter c@@ts. And as for that squeaky fucker Harris I hope his star burns very very quickly. His tweet ‘bring it on’ yeah right right Harris you couldn’t bring on shite.


You mean you’re hoping one day we can say “Harris, Harris, who the **** is Harris??”?
Sadly that seems a remote conclusion to this whole sordid, incredibly expensive charade.


with recent cases of withholding evidences to hisorical enquireies into loyalist and secuity services killings its intresting FF/SDLP attacking SF on support for PSNI commanders. Will nationalist flock to this or have FF abandoned the SDLP already