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Loyalist murders are ignored. You won’t get the DUP roaring from the hilltops either…I wonder why


They live in the lowlands?
(or lowlife lands?)


Imagine if a well known criminal gang in Dublin formed an unofficial alliance with FF.

Here’s how it goes;

The criminal gang rebrand themselves as a ‘community group’ helping to turn their lives around.

FF direct public money towards them. They even advise these groups oh now best to get funds in a clear conflict of interest.

The so-called community group help to drum up support for FF. They even rent office spaces to FF members.

The only problem is that members within these community group are well known commanders in a paramilitary group.

Look at the fall out caused by Charter NI and it’s head - a commander in the UDA. Arlene posing happily beside him.


Ironically, it was near Cluain place where the UVF killed Ogle, the very same place where they intermittently send their mobs to attack Short Strand nationalist Homes with the assurance that some suit will shortly afterwards arrive to ensure payment for “Yet another” community worker who just happens to be a big name in the local UVF.


It’s short-term thinking from the DUP.

Yes they’ll get the backing from loyalist estates.

But in the long term…no good can come from giving political cover the what is effectively organised crime.

The mad thing is that whilst they tell a gay couple it’s sinful for them to get married (they used a petition of concern to veto it)…they’re in bed with known paramilitaries.

Apart from that…here’s a great place to visit and bring the kids!


‘Imagine if a well known criminal gang in Dublin formed an unofficial alliance with FF’.

That actually happened! They were called ‘The Banksters’. FF helped them to rob everyone, except the rich. The ‘Continuity Banksters’ are called N.A.M.A and they do something similar.



I see phascal has excepted responsibility for the children’s hospital massive budget overrun. When asked would he resign he broke into a fit of laughter and laughed so hard he nearly shit himself all the while the nodding Churchill’s called for security to have the journo removed.


If you’re out today give the nurses a beep.


Dirty fecker…


I can’t even remember if my horn works at this stage.


Bad idea. Got an awful belt of a spoon.


Oh. Matron?


I said to her that we were asked to honk our horns. She just glared at me and said ‘you’re supposed to be in a car’.



A perfect fit for who we need representing us in Europe…


A perfect fit for Fine Gael.

Speaking to the ‘Sunday Independent’, the Defence Forces reservist defended Fine Gael’s handling of the homelessness crisis and suggested that nurses are well paid.

Yeah she is off to a winning start with that quote.


Good Jesus.


I saw her on debates during the repeal referendum and she didn’t come across well at all imo


Core values me hole, who does she think she is, Jim fookin Gavin?