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Can you defame someone of ill-reputation?


Loyalists are literally getting away with murder.

In the past few days alone…the following reports were in the paper:

Ian Ogle stabbed to death

Loyalists have murdered 30 people since the ceasefires

Paramilitary Crime Task Force seizes drugs and cigarettes over £100k

PSNI say UVF are heavily involved in criminal activity

This isn’t whataboutery. It simply beggars belief the DUP aren’t being held to account over their relationship with Loyalists…other than the ‘we condemn all violence’.

The political cover the DUP are giving to Loyalists is incredible - only matched by the silence.


Good points upthedall, my issue is also about the double standards of the Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Dublin media opportunism in relation to matters “North”, in reality it is actual abuse of the victims.


Possibly. Pm his name?


I do find it intresting that FG continually blame SF for not being in government with the DUP while thoes who vetoed the reestablishment of the power sharing executive are killing without comment.


The DUP held SF to the fire any time there was a murder from republicans.

Demanding they get ejected from govt.

Yet 25 after declaring a ceasefire…the UVF are still up to their necks recruiting, drug dealing…and well killing.

There was a documentary last year which exposed the back scratching between the DUP and Loyalists.

Basically the DUP direct funding towards loyalist ‘community groups’…and in return loyalists bring out their voters.


No change so!


It’s a weird one.

At least families of people killed by republicans knew their story would get told.

Knew there’d be a political price for SF to pay regardless of which republican grouping did it.

But victims of loyalist violence are pretty much ignored.

Just like them. Shit housing estates. Shit educational underachievement. Led by the DUP that’s giving them Brexit…who are friendly with well known Loyalists groups that flood their own areas with drugs.

You can see why more liberal, educated people from unionist backgrounds are now taking about a UI.


Well it’s that or a shared history with Murphy and the Shankill butchers!


It says everything about the slavish attitude of FF and FG that they take the stance they do, major spotlight on everything Republicans do and the three monkeys attitude towards the rest.

Enda Kenny easily made his way to Enniskillen several times for the commemoration but his sat nav was unable to find Derry for 40 years. Nor could any of them even find their way to commemorate the Dublin or Monaghan victims.


So it would be helpful for the “South” to get involved in a murder in the Loyalist community at this time?

More like it would be hugely helpful to the DUP as a distraction - not to mention allegations of interference in NI affairs.

You were the one who mentioned Robert McCartney and then you go on about abuse of the victims. Jesus - neck is right.


I am more than happy to get into the minutiae of ANY aspect of ANY incident but you seem to miss the big picture here.

Robert McCartney was ONE victim, Jean McConville was one victim too, but why are they household names? Do you know who Joan Connolly was? Can you ever recall FF, FG or the Dublin media mention her name? Did they talk of this Woman, this mother of eight children being “Brutally Murdered”?

I’ll make it easy for you, the answer is no because she was ONLY killed by the British Army.

Ask yourself the question. Why do I not know of Joan Connolly?


I know full well about Joan Connolly. I’ve been to Ballymurphy. I don’t need any lectures or history lessons from you. NONE. And yes one of us is certainly missing the big picture - by a mile.


Still. Umpire makes a valid point.

It’s hard not to draw the conclusion the reason FG finds it easy to condemn republican violence, is because it allows them to attack their political opponents.

Which might explain why they seem disinterested in loyalist violence…the DUP aren’t challenging them.

If victims of violence truly offends them…they’re fairly selective.


“IF” you knew “Full well” about Joan Connolly then you actually WOULD know what I am getting at instead of appearing clearly confused.

Why do you have a problem with me exposing double standards? Did you launch a rant at the people who mentioned Jean McConville and accuse them of whataboutry?


There is no whataboutery with me. You asked above "Can you ever recall FF, FG or the Dublin media mention her name?"

Let me give you a few facts. Joan’s daughter met with the then Taoiseach Enda Kenny (FG) in January 2014 and he visited the site of the massacre three months later.

I am not engaging any further on these issues. They are rightly sensitive and should not be kicked about as a political football like you have done earlier and again now.


Fine Gael has always had a questionable approach to the national question. They are simply Irish Tories. John Bruton, a person who makes me feel ill, was a massive fan of Redmond, as were Garrett and others. The Blueshirts are different gravy, and not in a good way.


Not bad, it only took him 43 years to say what ANY decent human being would say AFTER a request from the Families.

You also don’t see the irony of digging up two meaningless links to support and praise Kenny for behaving normally and then talk about sensitivity.

MORE than happy not to entertain you on this one.


Very conscious of not coming across as a nordie with a chip on his shoulder.

I’m not. With a young family I just want a quiet life and a better one for my kids. Plus the odd AI.

But for the life of me I’ve never understood FG.

I’m sure they work hard at a local level, represent their constituents well and decent individuals.

But on the constitutional question…they just remind me of an Irish Unionist party.


I am not supporting or praising anyone but I deal in facts and was just factually disproving the blatant lies you told earlier. If you know so much about this then it’s strange you weren’t aware of these visits - but then maybe you were.

I can also tell you that reps from FF, SF, Lab, Ind and FG travelled to Belfast for the inquest hearings last November.

And yes I do see plenty of irony as anyone reading this thread would. As I said earlier there are plenty of intelligent people on here who see things for what they are.

More than happy to leave it at that and have no wish to engage further.