Irish Politics


You’ve hurt me now.


But you won’t know that cos you ignore my posts.


I like you most of the time. Well some.


No. You’re right. I’m being tiresome. January is over. I’m going for a pint.


Good idea ,where to?


I reckon he goes for sneaky pints with those pesky bondholders but just doesnt tell the lads.


Beachcomber. (Tell nobody ffs)


Ok Harry Byrnes it is.


I’ll join you! Just applying for my pass of the fun prevention officer.


Did you know a guy that drank at the bar there - passed away last May.


Interesting to note the difference in the reaction of 26 County Politicians and their lackies in the media to the killing of Loyalist Ian Ogle in East Belfast to their response to the killing of Robert McCartney.

I wonder if the SDLP will pay for a trip for his Family to the White House or will they be hosted in Leinster House.


Do you ever stop? What ‘political’ point are you trying to make on the back of the murders of two men?


Did you read the post? The answer you are seeking is really well hidden in there.


I’d rather let the dead RIP thanks


Do that so.

** This section is Irish Politics, I’m actually allowed to raise such issues. If you don’t like them you can complain or ignore it.




No you work away there. Lot of intelligent people on here well able to see folk for what they are.


I’m sure that they will be able to see that there is no crime in exposing hypocrisy and double standards, some people actually stand against such things and are even so daring and bold to express an opinion! The neck of them.


They will see it for what it is.


I hope so.