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Good news…


Harris should be handing in his resignation as well a fucking disgrace


The reek of incompetence is unreal. and PWC charging 450K to see what went wrong. FFS.


I didn’t realise the guy had beeen with Sisk. Hopefully some stories will come out. If he couldn’t keep a handle on the costs …


If the PWC report on the escalating costs recommended governance or personnel changes, the Minister would act on these, his spokeswoman said last night.

Total abdication of responsibility. PWC then told to “stop short of determining culpability at individual level”. More of the same from FG/FF.


Look at this from the indo today :open_mouth: , that’s way out of order. somebody’s going to be getting a p45.


The terms of the PWC preclude any individual being cited as being responsible. This is the Blueshirts in all their glory. No different to FF. Possibly worse.


I wouldn’t go that far, just time is dulling just how brazen FF were in their corruption.


Move this a few miles and a billion or two Euro down the chain and imagine a junior Civil Servant messing up and their annual review highlighting the fúck up.I bet their increment would be delayed or with-held and there would be no massively expensive inquiry with zero consequences.

In a NORMAL Country heads would roll.


Terms of reference changed, can now find individuals accountable.


There is more of a chance of finding Bigfoot.


They can start with Harris and #campaignforshitebag


Hmmmmm, let me see… I wonder if that process will start at the top and never get to the bottom or start at the bottom and never get ANYWHERE near the top,



Interesting financial matters. FG don’t have a couple of hundred million to pay nurses a decent wage, but they found 270 million to pay bondholders. The hospital over-run to 2 billion (Two thousand million) is a scandal and we cannot afford that, without ruining the health service entirely…but we don’t need, and won’t touch the 13 billion from Apple. That will stay in the ethkwow account.


Yeah. Very interesti … :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


You didn’t have to post, did you?


Oh I did yeah.


But in fairness nobody ever thinks of the poor bondholders, between burning them and giving them haircuts its enough to make you think that communists were actually right !


When I think your posts are complete shite, I ignore them. That’s typically how a forum works. You should give it a bash.