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If you had no traffic between the canals they could have the roads


That Ruth Dudley Edwards is something else.

Yesterday there was a debate as to whether BBC and RTE should boycott the Eurovision in Israel - in light of it being held in Jerusalem.

She then took off about the holocaust and linked any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

That’s like saying anyone who objected or boycotted to apartheid in S. Africa were anti-white.

And that frightful clipped English accent she’s adopted…despite being Dublin born and bred. If ever the term West Brit was appropriate…


I always though she was from Cork, you just ruined my day :sob:


I wonder if there’s a sense of self-loathing when it comes to Ruth and other anglophiles.

In order to be pro-Orangeism, pro-unionism, pro-Israel….she feels the need to ditch the Irish accent she grew up with as an adult - and adopts some cliched ‘posh’ English one.

Frightful…as Ruth loves to say.


So the now 2 billion for the national children’s hospital doesn’t include 1 computer. Listening to Pat Kenny and it’s infuriating this was not built in blanchardstown, 90 achers uninpeaded sitting there. Now the James site is too small for the maternity hospital, how could have guessed oh yes everyone who pointed it out in 2014.

I’m watching back over Sopranoes and the similarities in the cost inflation on their projects is uncanny.


On the whole overspend, how does that work? Why are contractors not stuck to being paid their tender price or very close to it? I accept where designs change somewhat that there can be a difference but how can there be continuous overruns?


The official line from the secrety general is it’s complicated and we haven’t built a hospital in a ling time, i guss that’s all right then.

I presume the contracts the state gave were not strong enough to keep costs inline with tenders.the site was always going to be difficult to develop given it’s size and location.

There are also lawsuits coming due to damage done to local housing by the works, this would suggest there has been some level of neglegence.


@upthedall what’s your thoughts on a unification vote with a hard Brexit


I might be very naive but seeing as most people have children and grandchildren wouldn’t it have been lovely to see this built as a social project as distinct from an opportunity so screw every single penny from the Exchequer. Wouldn’t it be great to see one of the Sisks head up the whole thing. To see major companies provide materials at cost plus a small percentage. Wouldn’t it be great to see large and small companies take part in this project with a great sense of pride, recognising it for what it will provide for our children into the future - rather than gouging the taxpayer. Would we have minded one or two cent going on our utility bills to help pay for it if this was the case - moreso than bailing out failed private companies. Is there anyone like this left out there any more? God I am so naive sometimes …


No you’re not. Nice post. There is so little leadership. It’s saddening.


Capitalist b@stards.


Damn good question. Personally I’d like to see one.

But to have any chance of success…the approach would need to be near-perfect in terms of timing and getting a broad-based consensus amongst nationalism - chief amongst them the Irish govt.

For the first time I remember…there are some liberal unionists who are open to a UI as they want to be part of the EU…and see the south as a liberal society.

But people vote with their wallets as much their hearts. There’d need to be a serious effort in creating a business case with help from the EU, USA etc…to convince people they won’t be worse off.

And that’s what helped push the GFA over the line…broad consensus and key political and economic commitment. The so called ‘peace dividend’.

On the flip-side…if you look at the Scottish referendum…there was a fear of the unknown. And people are risk-averse.

But for me, it really needs a push from the Irish Govt. Otherwise a chance in a generation will be wasted. Over to Leo…


When you look back a few short years ago fair play to the Germans - they really took the bull by the horns … when many thought they were mad.


In the event of a Unity vote…local tyrone business owners would need time to claw some money back on the huge outlay of diesel milk cleaning eqpt.

PM me for discounted prices on IBC containers and pumps.


150 jobs announced for Castlebar today with US firm Meissener due to setup in the town. First “major” jobs announcement in 35 years for Castlebar…fingers crossed its the first of many for a town that is litterly dying.

Now I wonder what politicians will claim credit…Leo was already beamed in on a big screen at today’s announcement


Not good … especially when Westport does so well in the Tidy Towns …

Good news though :+1:


Good to hear that Mayoman.
Now ffs don’t lose it at the end of injury time!


It puts Inda and Michael Ring-piece into perspective. They ultimately didn’t do much for Mayo.


Well Enda no…but then again the country was in recession. Ring has done a lot for Westport. New dual carriage way being built between the two towns this year.


That was very decent of him, surprised Ringer didn’t use Taxpayers money.