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What?? Ya loon!


The Chinese and the Irish were done with the Railroads after 1869. Promontory Point, Utah.
Between the two nations they connected the Atlantic to the Pacific and in all fairness most of them were bolloxed tired.


Boom years or not, the funding for the metro was always there, and in fact the metro doesn’t have to be payed for really til it starts running, like all similar projects. The idea that recession stopped the metro was partly a fallacy and partly media/political and economic agenda-driven.
Anyway Ireland is relatively booming again now, compared to most places in Europe, or so we’re told.

The metro is to Swords or thereabouts, which along with the airport badly needs better transport links. No less than Tallaght and Sandyford did. More so given that the airport is one of the busiest in Europe considering the size of Ireland.


The Chinese etc?


In all seriousness though we made the big mistake of using Irish companies on the building of the LUAS, look what happened there.


Or Elon Musks Boring company to do the tunnel part.


Why do you agree with such an excessive amount of underground? Why do we not need a metro?

We’re a relatively flat city with relatively low-density housing still. The road from Griffith Avenue to the m50 is very wide (and the rail transport will reduce car usage), and if congestion is an issue anywhere, the rail can go on stilts. When I heard they had decided to go with underground virtually all the way to the airport I knew it couldn’t be a serious plan, was never going to happen, ludicrous stuff, show me a city anywhere that has that distance of a metro line outside the central business district under the ground?


And I betcha they didn’t try to drive it under the best sports club in the mid west


If Dublins wider commuter belt continues to grow as forecasted and we start to get hammered with carbon taxes, at what stage do we start outsourcing major infrastructure projects that our budget cannot afford?

Other European and EU members are tapping into Asian finance and know how for rail links. Those moves have been criticised and supported to varying degrees at all levels. But granted it’s improbable Ireland will go that route.

In 10 years time id bet neither the DART interconnector or the Metro Line will be built as they won’t survive the next downturn. A downturn probably not far away if recent events go against us.


I mean underground within the city to take traffic out of it and possibly offer more direct routes between north and southside that doesn’t have to go through the city.

Re the metro. We don’t need to lay something at huge cost on top of a decent road network that can accommodate traffic to and from the airport and North county if we’d only tackle the over-reliance on cars. It’s 20 / 30 mins to the airport max with properly managed bus lanes, we don’t need to waste billions when it’s clearly required elsewhere.


Brussels has Trams, underground rail networks, and overground rail network, as well as tunnel system for cars.
DCC sent a delegation over there some 30 years ago, as they deemed it to be the nearest benmarked city to Dublin from a population to street layout and growth perspective.
Plans had been drawn up at the time etc to mirror Brussels, but, the cost was deemed to high.
So they decided it would be better to build a Tunnel, M50 and M1, which by the way actually cost more than their initial plans, which doesn’t surprise me.


At least they haven’t repeated that mistake in the 30 since. Ohh no wait I just remembered …


an important point i think here is that we plan to build a metro from the city centre out to the airport at a mental cost eventhough most of the traffic to dublin airport does not come from the city centre- it comes from the midlands, the north, the west, etc. not sure about in th other direction, ie. where the majority of arrivals go.


Well, to an extent, that’s because there is no link to the airport. If there was a reliable public transport link maybe they’d get the train to Connolly/Heuston and then the Luas to D’airport!?!?


Them (electric? battery?) scooters could be the answer. Park and ride outside the canals and them scooters inside. No cars, buses or HGVs. We could happily scoot ourselves to death.


Hello Noel Rock!!!



ps Wanna buy a couple of Ireland-England rugby tickets for €2,000?


If they were playing out on the green I’d close the blinds.


I was just laughing at the phrase “Chinese etc”, not the outsourcing, which absolutely should be happening, a point I made in another post just above re-the differences in projects like LUAS, Port Tunnell, and motorways.

But also, the Chinese have no great rep at major modern construction, say like the Japs and Germans do.


Oooooh! Blinds ehh…


And several people here already have done. No regulation, speeding around the place, sans helmets, racing past one on the pavements. Good enough :roll_eyes: