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not at charlie o’flanagan i hope.


They are a busted flush. Totally found out. The party of law and order? Fiscal prudence? Probity and transparency? All lies.


Only one busted and boring flush around here.


Are you having a pop?


No - a beer.


You just knew this project was going to get dragged on and on and on, another change of govt looming and the whole thing will get re-negotiated yet again, with more and more money for nothing for the planners and admin and legal teams and other wasted resources. This is allowed by the EU and the IMF, whilst they forced austerity over bankers gross negligence and worse.

FFS a new pool will be built somewhere nearby far better than the old one. This just has to be sponsored lobbyists making an excuse to delay everything indefinitely because no govt capable of making the commitment.
Places like Ballymun would gain hugely from this project.


Since when did anyone ever give a bollix about Ballymun?


Very true. Places like Glasnevin North would gain hugely from this project


The Orange sashes surely bring a smile to your face with their “LOL’s”.


on the ball beeko, i missed that.


read colm mc carthy’s take on this project for a dose of reality. its on a par with dempsey and cullen swallowing up the roads budget for decades building motorways to their constituencies of 50 or 60k people :flushed:


Will do, nothing would surprise me. If the EU was about helping nations to function better they would intervene on this sort of shit, not just austerity. Shows that in reality sovereign state decision-making is a selective thing and in effect what happened in 2008 was the bankers saying this is the bottom line and you can do what you like as long as it’s what we want.


this is one of them;

there are others i can’t see right away but a central part of it is the decision to tunnel or go overground. apparently, the decision to tunnel is insanely expensive and based for the most part on the sheep mentality- other cities have a metro so we must too.


Nothing wrong with having a metro but the excessive underground parts are allegedly as a result of the public saying they don’t want it overground through their area with reasons given. Hmmmmm, so they caved to that? Really?

Now when you think about it, when the motorways were built, land was just rezoned and provision made for compulsory purchase, simple as. And everything came in more or less on time, bar the western bit which still got done a few years late.

The metro to the airport is 45 years late and counting.


I think the question should be can we run large trains with a high frequency along our existing streets without ridiculously disrupting traffic? People nearly had a stroke over a single Luas line.


i was thinking more of elevating it for stretches more than running it along street level. has to be cheaper than a tunnel under the city


Don’t need a metro, total waste of money.


I think we should we have built an underground system during the boom years. Difference it would have made to the city would be invaluable. Lisbon has an excellent system and 6 lines. 4 or 5 would have done Dublin .A single line metro to the airport is a waste I think. Vision is required but in short supply amongst our establishment.


Underground certainly, then public transport and bikes between the canals, no private cars.


If we can’t build the Metro ourselves then let the Chinese etc do it. Plus as top class infrastructure is added then changes to motoring would likely follow suit as other congested cities do. You would have to encourage the majority of people onto the sustainable form of transport via taxation or some other means. That should help alleviate concerns about paying for it.