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It’s a marriage made in Jeopardy …


Very disturbing profile picture young man. Very.


Them boys do be messing


Would-be messrs?


Claire Hanna…the SDLP’s best speaker and possible future leader…already expressing doubt.

Said the partnership with FF added no value and doesn’t reflect her personal politics.

The SDLP could fragment…or what’s left of it.

It actually make it harder for cheesed-off SF voters to support SDLP due to the hostility towards them and MM.


Hanna is good mates with the few remaining members of the Labour Party in Dublin so you might see her and a few others heading that way.


Yes but the brown envelope politics seem to have dried up for FF with them out of government so long and not holding councils like they used to. The look at the DUP filling their boots without consequence and want a piece of that pie :yum:


Never knew that.

If C Hanna does leave the SDLP, the only party I think she might go to is Alliance as they’re strong in Belfast and she’d have similar views on Europe, LGBT rights etc.

I think it’ll all depend on whether they merge with FF or not…and how this current arrangement pans out.


I follow a lot of the alliance party on Twitter, they come across as a young dynamic alternative. What’s the view of them on the ground and do they get any votes from Prodestant communities or is it all Catholics that want to stay in the U.K.

Sorry for using religious terms, Just didn’t know how else say it.


House Catholics and mild mannered Protestants love them.


Back in the 80s and 90s a lot of their support were more middle class / liberal Protestants.

But definitely pro-union.

Now they’re more of a broad based party - and they tend to avoid the constitutional issue. Especially now that GFA set the rules.

In many way their social views are closer to nationalists: on things like LGBT, abortion, Irish Language Act, supporting the removing of the flag at City Hall etc.

And their leader Naomi Long is a good speaker. Comes across as genuine and not cliched.

The problem is that their support is mainly in Belfast.

In terms of demographics: I’d say their voters are mainly liberal and maybe middle class catholics and Protestants.


In some ways the Alliance don’t offend anyone…or excite them.

Whenever Stormont was up and running…SF and the DUP would pick an Alliance member if they needed a ‘neutral’.

Which is why David Ford was chosen as Minister of Justice. He was acceptable to all side.

But they suffer from an image of a leafy south Belfast party.


You cannot be a member of the Alliance Party unless your pinky finger points northwest at 45 degrees whilst sipping tea.


So they are the irish labour party :rofl:


very reminiscent of the the sticks and the labour party in the 90s, the whole thing. i wonder will the sdlp take over rte now as well?


The big unknown is how the lack of Stormont will affect voters.

People are getting really fed up. The cuts to primary education and waits in hospital are hitting most people.

And in the meantime no one’s watching the fort as Brexit is happening.

The Alliance Party could pick up a few protest votes as it positions itself as an alrernative to the big 2.


I cannot understand why somebody hasn’t held an anti Brexit rally in Belfast. Surely this would have huge cross community support and would send a strong signal?


Not likely, it looks like the DUP strategy of sectarianising Brexit is beginning to pay off


They did back in October…not even 1,000 turned up.

Think a lot of people feel strongly about Brexit etc…but just can’t be arsed as they feel going to rallys is pointless.

Or maybe we’ve had that many rallies over the years that they’ve lost their impact.


Interesting polls.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

But I thought the Alliance could’ve nicked a few protest votes…even from the UUP who look lost.