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Pure wanker. More racist than anyone else. A victim! Mr arse. DLR CC left the chip pan on? Victims me bollox


Don’t you know it’s always someone else’s fault?


That’s a disgraceful post by him. This guy shouldn’t have a platform but somehow does.


Twitter. The ruination of our society.


In general though, TV shows etc., Why does he, he’s lost all credibility with me and as alienate people who might have seen him as a rights activist but his true colours have come out.


He has waisted a huge oportunity to be a positive influence and leader for his community. He has increasing become a parody and lost all good will imo


FF and SDLP announced their new partnership.

Serious gamble from the SDLP…reckon it’ll only be a matter of time before they’re gobbled up.


Are they not almost finished now anyway. By opening the door to Sinn Fein for peace they gave away their platform as the voice of nationalists.

It’s a gamble for SDLP for they have absolutely nothing to lose.


Going into bed with Fianna Fail and “Nothing to lose”… Hmmmmmmm


True…but it could hasten their demise.

Many of the SDLP…especially the older generation…feel an affinity for the party. Even their youth party are openly opposed to any merger.

Once that entity goes, people will feel they’ve lost their connection.

Right now it’s only a ‘partnership’. But where does the journey end. How will election pacts or manifestos work. If there’s not going to be any practical change, then there’s no need to join forces. Michael Martin is as welcome into parts of Tyrone as John Bruton is.


It will be the UUP and Fine Gael next.




@beeko Quote of the year (I don’t care if its only January)


Birds of a feather…


Yeah I feel it’s last throw of the dice before they told the tents ala the PD’s.

By partnering with Ff they stand a chance of cutting Sinn Fein off at the pass with a stronger possibility of getting into government north and south.

If they get more electoral gains than SF and seek to restart power sharing the may wrestle some of the nationalist vote away from SF.

Would never say merging partnering with FF is a wise move for a small party but SDLP if effectively over. Great generation of Hume/Mallon are very much in the past.


Already happening



A young looking SDLP leader behind the senior FF leader.

Listened to Brian Feeney (former SDLP) a few weeks back.

Was saying the SDLP are skint - and wonders if FF politicians in marginal seats would be keen to see party funds being diverted to help SDLP candidates.

Claire Hanna is a very good speaker. Young, articulate and not far from BelfastDUb.

If she goes, I think the party will struggle.


This made my day. FG and the Israelis both spanked. Nice!


Joining with Fianna Fail will NOT get them extra Nationalist votes.


Might get them anti hard Loyalist votes though.