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nigel or sammy, i can’t remember which to be honest, think leo is committed to the backstop because he’s a republican. people get weak laughing at that in the 26 when they hear that. although possibly its a cute freudian ploy in that people want to run a mile when they see someone as deluded as that.


The border is probably the one red line issue from our Government’s perspective in the Brexit negotiations. The backstop agreement was achieved through negotiation late last year and has actually fcuked up everything else in terms of an agreed withdrawal agreement. That’s the reality here. I am not an FG supporter but respect the above. Some of the agenda driven sh1te posted here is laughable.


I have never met ANY person who is more ignorant than Leo. NOTHING to do with his Politics, just a fúcking snob, I’ve met other Blueshirt TD’s and Politics aside, they came across as decent individuals.


The problem in this country - and many others - is that many people unfortunately don’t give a shit about politics. 50% of people just don’t care whatsoever and just get on with their own lives. 40% have a passing interest and watch things but don’t engage much. That leaves 10% - either extreme Left or Right - who dominate social media with their rhetoric and poison. The upshot is that as a result of all this ‘shouting’ and bile there is a distorted view because these people are (unfortunately and fortunately) the very vocal representation of a small minority - in both population and brain size.


Talking of Sammy…heard him on Wednesday basically saying Leo was going to his comeuppance and pay the price for the backstop.

The ideal for Sammy is that we leave the EU with two fingers…and the southern economy suffers as a result. Payback time.

The ideal for me is that the well paid banking jobs in Dublin created by Brexit increases…and people here really hurt the DUP at the polls when they realise the extent of their f**k up.


did someone rob your pint dub09? you’re doing a bit of “shouting” yourself!


You say that…but more than 10% of people vote.

This forum is a natural place for people to comment on all things that afffect your life or grab your interest…football, Brexit, politics…Coddle.

I’ve no agenda against FG other than what I’ve posted here. And I don’t consider myself as extreme left or right. They aren’t worthy of my bile. And I genuinely mean that.


A lot more than 10% vote. But they don’t engage.

I’m not talking about this forum … though … :relieved:



Counsellor Noel Rock, brother of The (Original) Rock They Perish On…


Me and Philly got to have words then!


Talking of Philly and Ballymun.

Read a few articles and interviews with him…about his background, his father and family, growing up…to now having success at football and talking to kids from Ballymun.

Really interesting person and a credit to his community.

Sad listening to him talk about his father…and his ‘big nordie accent that would scare you’. But what better way to remember him that make a success of your life on and off the field. I like oul Philly.


Why sad? He had only good things to say about his da in the book. And no doubt that Nordiness is part of what makes Philip McMahon. Not the best part though…


Jesus Al.

That’s as mad a post as you’ve made in a while.

There’s no such thing as a nordie gene…especially when you’re linking it to ‘not the best part’.


i thought there was- something to do with being grim and grey, cynical and all aggressive, bad weather following you around and the like. can kick in like magic too as soon as you get from carlingford to warrenpoint.


If Philly’s ‘bad parts’ are attributable to his 50% west Belfast gene pool…

Then it’s fair to assume the entire Antrim team must be hallions as they’re 100% nordie stock.

I don’t feel right talking about someone who’s passed away. I only made the point that I like Philly and what he’s came through in his life.


That’d be Armagh fans you’re thinking off.

We’re building a wall across the Moy bridge.


That would be a very negative take on my comment on your part. But I know you can’t help it so it’s ok


The UK wide backstop cause ruptions no doubt but an NI one would of been palatable among the majority I imagine. The Tories need to drop the DUP pronto.


correct daedalus, that’s it in a nutshell. a majority in the north, a majority in the south (everyone really) and a majority in britain should not be vetoed by the dup but i wouldn’t hold my breath.


Meanwhile …