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@DUB09 thanks for editing my text…yeah let’s throw dubs in so too but just northsiders :wink:


Threading on dangerous grounds there me oul sausage.


“The greeeater gooooood…”


“I would love it…!”

I’m sure some were housed in those places?


Pairc Ui Chaoimh?


i’m sure the “dissidents” will be blamed this by our most reputable media outlet like everything else including throwing pensioners out of their house in roscommon when the actual perpetrators were kbc and uda men now working in “security”.




Andy Moran caused more trouble in Ballaghaderreen than anyone!


No. I knew you were going to say it because thats what you are like. That’s your sad attempt at putting me on the spot because you can’t easily disagree with the rest of my post. If people knew that they had a right to say no, they may in fact be more likely to say yes and nobody would be setting fires in hotels. Witty, you witter on here, looking down from your pulpit like a holier-than-thou priest or something. If a halting site or a hotel for a thousand refugees was erected next door to you, you’d go quiet very quickly.


Have you statistics to show crime or anti social behaviour increases when asylum seekers move in, as the economic upl8ft to areas has been shown but I have never seen anything on this. I would also point out to date the experience has been seen as positive in other places this occurred.

I believe fear of the unknown and ignarence fuels these actions, nothing else. Like thoes in America that support trump becouse they are ryled up by mostley mythical events


How’s that?


Playing for Mayo


But Ballaghdereen is a mayo club…always has been.


I see SF sent two representatives to Maduro’s Inauguration. Absolutely staggering stuff.


Jeeze … relax. I know Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon is a Mayo club.


say it if you have something to say


Nope not getting into an argument.


…while another 2 are fine-dining with Goldman Sachs in the big apple. words fail me.


Id welcome them with open arms, because I’m not a racist like yourself and because I don’t believe I deserve to be treated better than anyone based purely on the blind luck of where I was born.


i live in a certain town in north dublin where 40 per cent of the population are foreign-born. a decent percentage of them i’d say are refugees and a decent percentage more are free-loaders similar to our own “i’ve 2 claims in” cohort. i’d be one of a smallish minority that welcomes them overall (the years abroad maybe) and some of the comments from the local “citizens” would make you want to leave without finishing your pint. it seems eastern europeans are vaguely tolerable but them “f88kin blacks” are on everyone’s shitlist. i’d be very doubtful any of these lads actually knows a black person. i’d be even more doubtful any of them would have the cohones to get up and go to another country and start to carve out an existence.
now, with that said, the gov. has a lot to answer for for allowing a situation to happen where huge numbers of immigrants all get directed to the same 3 or 4 towns on the outskirts of dublin. how do they expect the locals to react? its not like they haven’t had advance warning, we’ve had immigrants for 25 years at this stage. its going on for 70 years next door and they’re all too happy to ape the motherland when it suits, or even when it doesn’t suit. not in this case apparently. suffice to say i think its complicated but it could be a big positive if some attempt was made to manage it proactively.