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Any accident that has killed anyone in my local area in the past 10 years has been down to speed and/or road conditions.


The same can’t be said all over the country though. It baffles me how people try to downplay the effect drink driving has and how dangerous it is


It’s like Deliverance here sometimes …


I wonder do many Irish people support this type of action, a year ago I would have sad no chance now I’m not so sure.


A bit like the people who complain about all the Asian business outlets in the Parnell Street area of Dublin, they seem to forget when it was a real KIP with most of the buildings in bits and unoccupied by any half decent business.


He had a very controversial transfer from them to a nearby club.


In fairness in Mayo you have a huge Pakistani population in Ballyhaunis and asylum seekers have lived there in the past, not sure about now. Then you have Ballaghdereen…they have never caused an inch of trouble as far as I’m aware.

Any trouble seems to come from “ethnic” Irish minorities.

Disgraceful carry on to burn a hotel for people in need. I will say though, rural small towns like Roosky are crying out for investment and help but don’t seem to be getting it. I do wonder the reaction if a homeless Shelter or asylum seekers were set to be housed in foxrock, Killney or donneybrook


Should be treated as terrorism as far as I’m concerned.


It is very simple. Its outlandish to assume that everyone feels welcoming to the same degree in these situations and without actually talking to people, it’s not going to work out well. Look at the multi-cultural U.S. Look at the U.K. or Germany or France. Why can we never learn from the mistakes of others? Communities have their own history, culture and way of doing things. This should be respected. If you want to move lots of people in, discuss it with the locals. Agree on the numbers. Plan it. See are the services, school places etc available? So far, planning consists of finding a hotel with empty rooms. People should have a right to say no. I’ll be called a racist again but it’ll be the usual suspects again.


I have to say, This seems to be a list of generalisations and a long winded excuse in support of thoes who set the fire.

While there have been bad expirences of immigration and kessons to learn in the most part countries that have embraced it have grown and been more successful then thoes that haven’t. The US, UK have benefited far more then they have suffered.


I haven’t seen anyone try and excuse those who set the fire. None whatsoever! There’s a lot of merit in what Iomaint says though too. Small town Ireland is a funny place, landing a heap of “outsiders” on them can mess up the townland’s “eco-system” (for want of a better phrase) and discommode the locals. There needs to be consultation between local councillors and the town folk prior to just lumping them in! It worked with the Syrian refugees when they were settled in a town out west, (who’s name I can’t for the life of me remember) but there was dialogue prior to re-settling them. It worked!


If it’s not about the fire why post it in response to the topic. Moyoman listed the places above where this has occurred in the West. In the earley 00s a similar situation occurred near me in the old army barracks and there were no issues.

These are people who need help, fleeing terrifying conditions which luckily the Irish no longer have to experience. Also as far as I am aware there were a number of engagement with the community, the main objection raised was about faculties and transport.


The article I read said there was very little local dialogue, because there was huge objections to it, they stopped talking! My memory is gone to shit lately, but I’ll try dig out where I read it!


They covered in on morning ireland November/ Dec time. they were brining people in from Ballyhaunis to speak to the locals and there were town halls. The hotel being closed was a massive issue in the box pops


That sounds a lot like you’re justifying the actions of those who burned down the hotel. Do those lads burning the hotel forget they’re putting local people out of work? Real community leaders those guys…


I knew you’d say that. I’m have no intention of dignifying your spurious and ludicrous deduction with a response.


If you knew I was gonna say it, it obviously wasn’t that ludicrous. In response to a post about burning down a hotel you said that people have a right to say no. In my book, that absolutely is justifying it. Haven’t seen you come out against it either.


People do have a right to say no and go to the ballot box and vote for thoes who represent their views or have peaceful protest.

I suspect the vast majority of locals find this as apporent as the rest of us do but it only takes a few misguided or radicalized people to spread hate


I’d rather have asylum seekers move in next door to me than travelers or scumbag Irish…there I said it.

I do see where those of a certain ”view” might get angry…”we have no jobs, young people leaving, post office, pubs closing yet the government are sending down asylum seekers to the local hotel in our small rural village”


FFS @mayoman … that’s way OTT …