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I still think we need an Arran jumper knitting factory at every crossroads.


Healy Rae on Claire Byrne Live was worth a watch is all he do complain about the drink driving laws? Politics is a little more than a flat cap and drink driving down in Kerry


a muck savage plain and simple.


bit like daaaaaraagh o sé’s columns, thinks he’s writing about kerry even when they’ve been knocked out 2 months earlier.


Hard to know who is worse, himself or Mattie McGrath, a man who actually recommends drink driving!


Both of them put in car with ten pints on them going down a hill with multiple obstacles in their way (James Bond style). Lets see how they like that. Lets see the results.

PS. No muck savage Politician who can’t speak English was harmed in this social test.


Dail Eireann resumes today week at 2pm in the afternoon (can’t be having the lads and lasses returning to Dirty Dublin on a Monday… give them Tuesday morning to travel).
The House of Commons resumed yesterday.
It really is a fully paid, career-break jolly for a lot of them.


Our poor TDs are looking for increased expenses, don’t you know! They can’t make ends meet🤣


I wish a couple of the lads posting here were running the country. It would be such a better place.


Many a true word spoken in jest.


We’d find a nice cushy number for you dub09.


The Healy Rae’s are at the extreme end of the spectrum. However and I’m playing devils advocate here…while drink driving is not something that can be tolerated and coming myself from a generation that just never did it, I believe zero tolerance is a step too far in terms of the next morning…I.e you do the right thing that night but collect the car the next morning or afternoon but maybe still legally slightly over the limit…I’ve probably drove in the past still over the limit legally the next day.

Town near me had 16 pubs about 10-12 years ago…it’s now down to 5. Local post office closed last week, garage gone etc. minister Ross needs to allow for a free or low fee license for locals in rural areas to operate a taxi to bring people to/from pubs…an Uber like setup if you like.

Also plenty of checkpoints this Christmas in my area, no problem with that but when they are parked outside nursing homes, graveyards and basically pulling over cars at will and asking names, where you are going etc I find this to be aggressive policing and it will only turn the law abiding public against them.

Meanwhile travelers can bring a south mayo town to a standstill and nothing is done about it…people are angry. That’s just what I’ve seen over the Christmas season.


I see what you are saying Mayoman but in the last 3 elections Mayo has elected 14 TD’s, 9 FG, 4 FF and one alleged Indo from the FF genepool.

You get the politician you deserve, and the more you get them the more you deserve them!


SF supporting the carbon tax is a surprise to me :thinking:


Do they get much of a rural vote?


Ofcourse it’s normal when it’s government policy.


He is an absolute ■■■■. How in God’s name is this freakshow taken seriously?


The good old days


Only read there that in 1972 640 people were killed on the roads compared to 149 in 2018. I know there are lots of differences between better roads and cars but a big factor is lower tolerance of drink driving.

I know public transport is none exsistant at night in rural ireland but it’s were a lot of the fatalities are happening… surely looking for schemes to fund mini buses would be a better suggestion than advocating allow pissed drivers behind the wheel.


Publicans, who are essentially drug-dealers, should have to fund such buses. See how Healy-Rae likes that.