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Wasn’t it replaced by the single malt that gives nearly identical benefits or has that been removed aswell ?

Isn’t the knowledge box another scheme that allows for massive tax avoidance?


FG normally do as their masters please.


Honest question what’s your view on the Perrigo tax bill and FG/ Leo’s response in saying the revenues position is unfortunate. Essentially backing a private institution over the tax authorities.


The knowledge box is slightly different in that there is something tangible to show at the end of it. It reduces the tax rate on that income down to 6% or so but I’m not 100% on what profits are reduced to that amount, 100% of profits or just the element associated with the R&D product

The single malt is being phased out now as well. There are presumably other loopholes that tax specialists have lined up but once they come to light, they will be phased out as well. There will always be loopholes between different jurisdications which can be taken advantage of though in reality. It just depends on how uniform tax regimes become in the future


Yeah this is pretty much true except for #campaignforcuntyballs decision on novelty socks or making outlandish statements.

I’m sure somewhere down the line him and the ROCK Murphy will tell us all that the housing crisis was fake news dreamt up by them grubby left wing ‘guys’


Talking about uniform tax regimes is this good or bad for Ireland?


My broad overview of it would be that Revenue are correct and that it isn’t simply trading income and wasn’t taxed at the right rate pr heading. There may obviously be more to it in the finer details but on the face of it it looks like it was treated in the wrong tax head effectively to me

I hadn’t heard what he said about it but would be disappointed if he disagreed with Revenue.


Ireland would be seen as competitive due to our current tax structure. We will still be seen as attractive I would guess even if all the loopholes are closed in some capacity as we still have a low CT rate but if the 12.5% goes higher, that would have an immediate enough effect I would guess. There is a small amount of companies who pay a large chunk of this tax bill who if they left would leave a large hole in the coffers


That’s my reading of it but I can see the argument from Perrigo vie point who were replicating industry practice. Bruton on morning ireland said it was unfortunate and created uncertainty for companies. Leo agreed later in the day.

IMO the government should support the state authorities in industry matters, Jesus they do it every time when dealing with the public.


They’re probably right in that regard in that it does create uncertainty for companies who are now waiting to see what way the ruling on the appeal goes but they should stand solely behind Revenue’s position as they have done in the Apple case. You can’t eat your cake and have it


Why no dismissals?

Also wonder what he did?


from working in multinationals - it seems to be nearly impossible to dismiss anyone in this country.


We don’t do dismissals in this country. Especially in the public service.



But the vote to end unanimity needs unanimous support. No fear that will happen


Yup to end national veto’s.


The only way the Irish gov will will give this up is if they get something for it. As we seen during the bailout corp tax is untouchable for irish govs. If we didn’t give it up then we never will.


why are they so attached to it anyway, surely they want tax revenue? it wouldn’t be the begging-bowl school of economics as in "come in here and hire a few people and we’ll let yiz do whatever you like- pay no tax, export your profits , close down every local business, basically bleed the place for all its worth and then f88k off when it suits- anything as long as we don’t have to create jobs ourselves (real home-based jobs).


What would take its place? B&Bs, doughnut shops and hipster microbrewreys?


we might stop importing the like of potatoes (ffs!) and maybe think about making some of our own energy with all them free waves and wind we have- unless some gobsheen like bertie has sold them already.