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Will FF take their seats in Westminster?


If they win any MM said they will and he seems to be able to ignore convention like he did on abortion. With the corruption the DUP get away with and how the fill their pockets you can see the attraction to FF to get their slice


Definition of irony right there. Asking if FF will take seats in an assembly that SF hasn’t sat in for two years…


last i checked Leinster house is up north - so why would they keep the same policy ?


And I’m sure you will support FF teaming up to The DUP despite all the corruption that has been shown since SF left stormont. The 2 most corrupt parties in western Europe over the last 30 years, maybe its what the North deserve after inventing puke football


I’d support FF disbanding and not much else.


Looking forward to seeing a Fianna Fail / Stoop candidate in some hall in Crossmaglen, Creggan or Andersonstown being asked by an audience member if she / he would describe Bobby Sands as a Freedom fighter or a terrorist.


Put them up against a wall.


So no progress then …


Fianna Fail arriving in the six counties several decades late can have nothing to do with progress.


I would hope to have the opportunity to ask that if they should knock on my door.



Nor can your town hall scenario.


The double Irish is gone as an option for anyone who hadn’t availed of it before 2016 and is being phased out by 2020 for the likes of Apple and Google who use it. This was done by FG in case you were wondering


Ah Maxi, it doesn’t really matter. Does it?


You are giving out about something that is now gone. Do you think FG deserve any credit for removing it?


I knew that the double Irish was gone. They were publicly shamed into removing it. Leo said this week that vulture funds are grand altogether and that the housing situation is settling down. Murphy is in hiding. I’d find it difficult to praise them, in all honesty.


not asking for praise about their general governance, lots of which I wouldn’t agree with but this is something that they have gotten rid of


Can I ask was that serious pressure from EU particularly France and Germany that gave Fine Gael the incentive to get rid of it? Genuine question


The EU certainly would have been putting pressure on Ireland to remove it so it definitely played a large part in removing it.