Irish Politics


Perhaps. Or maybe they understand that behind every sob story there’s someone gaming the system, and we’re the best little country to do business, and if you get up early you’ll be grand, and look at my socks and tweets and…


All those things.


God bless them all, as the religious say.


Yeah. But they should be happy that our glorious leader who represents us all, the taxpayer, the hardworking, the not so hardworking, the homeless, the homely and the folk who wear non novelty socks will be on his Holiers in Cork. Even CAUC’s deserve holidays.


This is an appalling appointment


Jesus no!


what can I say there will always be jobs for the boys. Always. And there is nothing like a little rabbit to keep his fat snout in the trough. The Lying ■■■■.




What a self righteous wanker


What a bollox. Everyone else calls them vulture funds #campaignforshitebag. They must be planning another fire sale the ■■■■■.


Genuine question - why do you dislike “vulture funds” so much?


Because I can’t understand why these ‘investment’ (insert what ever name here that one feels appropriate ) are allowed to buy up distressed mortgages at a heavy discount rate and our own elected government don’t do that with the intention of trying to solve a housing crisis which we find ourselves in the middle off.


Genuine question. Do you approve of vulture funds?


They didn’t get the name vulture by accident.


I see the Fianna Fail circus is in town once again as they try to select a Candidate for the Dublin constituency in the upcoming European Elections.

Presently the choice is limited to former Ministers Mary Hanafin, Barry Andrews, Conor Lenihan,and a prominent figure in the Gay rights campaigns, Tiernan Brady.

Hanafin was being lined up for a run in her old Constisuency where she lost her seat to Richard Boyd Barrett but she now says "My preference would be to run for Europe. I think Europe is where it’s at. “I believe I have the recognition and work done to win a seat for Fianna Fáil in Dublin.”

If she fails to get a seat in Europe I’m sure that I’m sure Leinster House will once again be “Where it’s at”.


I’d imagine she’d be morto to lose out on the nomination to a Gay Rights campaigner.


She will get over it as she counts her MASSIVE pensions.


The Blueshirts never fail that own.


That is true. You couldn’t make it up.


The FF take over of the SDLP will change the dynamic of irish politics. I think it will continue FFs social move to the right and anti republican views. It’s the only way they will be able to differentiate from SF. I sèe the alliance party being the big winners, they have far more talent and youth in their ranks compared to the SDLP/FF.