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Au contraire, it ONLY ruins the narrative of those of the mindset that big defaulters are ok because they have friends in high office, it ruins the fake narrative of the Dublin media and the gated community that is RTE in Montrose who are nothing more than cut and paste journalists and whores of the idle rich.


And no court order will be issued…I wonder why?


You’ve said it al just there…


It’s all simply a matter of who you chose to be brainwashed by really …


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FYI Apple have paid the money over (plus interest) pending a resolution of the EU’s appeal. So Revenue don’t have to chase them for it :wink:


Yes and no. There are still some facts left. Ireland is a tax haven. Fact. Major companies do not pay the taxes they should here. Fact. The government deliberately facilitates this. Fact. NAMA has sold a huge amount of housing stock to vulture funds at significantly discounted rates but it will not sell to people here who need a home. Fact. Vultures use tax loopholes which are there deliberately. Fact. The banks behaved appallingly and were rewarded. Fact. Some people were driven to suicide during the downturn. Fact. Individuals are pursued and brow-beaten but companies/banks just wrote off debts. Fact.


The height of disingenuousness from you Alan. The state is not pursuing this money, full stop.


Hey, you wanted facts :wink:


The government has changed the rules which are being phased out re the double Irish fact. It is fully done away with in 2020 I think


It’s all simply a matter of who you chose to be brainwashed by really …


It is in your nads.


Just resting in the account…

You seem to be ignoring the Irish Governments role here. “Look lads, we know you owe us BILLIONS and we have a 3rd World Health service that could do with that money, not to mention the Housing crisis etc etc, but you employ some people and that will do, thanks”

“Look over there!!! Some fecker owes a bailed out bank what is effectively sandwich money for the big boys…GET HIM!!”


You remind me of the quote…

"I was reading a book on Stockholm syndrome, I didn’t like it at first…But…


Well spelled.


If you think we have a Third World health service could I suggest you actually visit the Third World.

There may be problems but that kind of language is just nonsense.


It might not be third world but it’s far from ‘first world’.


That makes little sense.


Actually, ■■■■ that, I couldn’t be arsed. Happy Christmas.


Maybe it’s the first time around?


Do you speak the language rochey?