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She previously walked away from a company with massive debts and screwing over creditors but I guess that’s ok as she speaks with the right accent.


She did a nice bit of PR work in the last week getting a bus stop moved in Blanch . Such a shame this came out to scupper the good deed …


They couldn’t it was on private property… The states finest at work. :rofl:


The big issue is here that the small man gets trampled on…bankers and big developers weren’t kicked out of their homes.

The sheriff of Roscommon must also be thick as a mule because hiring a Northern Ireland firm with links to British army and/or loyalist thugs is looking for trouble…it wouldn’t be tolerated in any community I know. It’s well known that area of Roscommon has strong republican links too…it’s lucky nobody was killed really.


Reports again that kbc hired them but they had no interest registered on the land. The amount of conflicting information in one case is unreal. Irish media are too busy chasing each others tails and printing the stories they want rather then do their jobs and verify facts


Sub the Regina monologue. The most self serving TD there is. She knows nothing of public transport in and out of Mordor. that bus stop simply needs to be improved and the back of it where bushes are to fenced off.


I’ve no time for her tbh , shed buy and sell ya .
I just wonder did she pursue this crusade knowing what was coming down the line to make herself look good .


She’s always on to make herself look good. Can’t fookin stand the sight of her.


Ivan Yeats is on Newstalk not RTE


Rather well timed article, how fortunate:


As I said, the golden circle runs the show. They are all on the same team.


Just leaving this here



Irish media hear that their controllers are in a bit of a spot for allowing / assisting planter stock thugs to evict people and go on the defence with “Dissidents did it” with NO evidence provided, “Local criminals ALLOW Dissidents to carry out action” , “This Family owed LOADS of money” and despite the alleged new GDPR rules the media seem to have EXACT details of the Homeowners dealings with KBC.

Don’t rock the boat and don’t mention the war. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

No surprise how easy it was for two senior journalists to recently switch to working for Fine Gael.


All other media outlets claiming no one know who the security firm were. Morning ireland got very aggressive denying there was links to NI.


The statement is high on political opportunism but low on any clarification. But keep peddling the myths …


Morning Ireland and Drivetime are utterly biased, as is Newstalk in general.


I like morning ireland but it is very pro FF presumably due to presenters links to the party, Sean O’Rurke likewise. Newstalk is mainly rancid right wing talke radio with the exception of Pat Kenny the presenters are lightweight trying to be relevant by being controversial. David McWilliams and Mike Clifford were their last independent voices but both are gone a long time.


Clifford is brilliant, in fairness.


A nice man too , used to live near him .