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The Taxman/woman recently informed me that I had an underpayment of €137 for last year, how do I get that “Offset”?


Owing money…Sure it is just an Irish thing, we ALL do it. We ALL pay our way.


I had one for €800 myself. Though I was getting a few bob for Xmas from huge medical bills from three years back but ended up with fcuk all. Really pissed off about it … but not considering a revolution yet. Unfortunately its the system.


The medal is in the post.

Nice to hear that banks are lending money to people who can’t pay their bills. I wonder how this country ever got into such a mess.


Myself and workmates have been hit with different bills over the years despite the fact they we do not do our own wages, tax etc. I believe that our employer is responsible for the errors and should pay the bill.

On the Regina Doherty case, fair play to her and her Husband for getting their act together and sorting out the finances but not everybody is in such a fortunate position to raise such finances or to have stuff written off.


Was the source not the failure to pay the debts owed??


the responsibility to correct apply tax credits etc in the PAYE system rests with the employer and they should pay the bill. there is generally some sort of compromise reached between the two parties where some of the overpaid wages is paid back by the employee but not a statutory obligation


But they could have walked away and said ■■■■ yis all - like some in our media who literally did that and are now back and telling everyone what they are doing wrong.

Re tax issue - exact same boat myself and made that point to the person I eventually got talking to in RevCom … am waiting for them to get back to me and hoping they are wrong! I am really tax ignorant but intend to get a crash course in the New Year somewhere.


We had the same situation in work a few years ago in relation to pension under-payments and whilst I was relatively lucky that my bill was around €250 some of my colleagues owed up to €6,000. Again, they were told that we HAD to repay it despite it not being our fault.


We got a tax rebate a few years back. The guts of 1700 euros. We where fooking delighted. Got shit done to the house. Got a call a month later to tell us it was an error. Had to pay it back the following tax year. Sick.


Not sure how pension payments works out from a statutory point of view but certainly wouldn’t be too happy with the payroll operator in that company


My response was to get them to give me a letter every 6 months saying that things were up to date which they have done. Reduces the risk.


No, it’s not. You can keep going back as far as you want, for example is the source the banks who loaned in the first place?

The point in the process where it turned nasty is the thugs manhandling people off their property with the blessing of the Gardai. This is what needs to be addressed first and foremost.


Well debated. I like the cogent rebuttal! One person owns most of the media in this country. Bye bye democracy. Simple as that.


Yes … I believe … Hello Denis … I believe everything I read … Hello Denis … I believe … yes … Hello Denis … I am brainwashed …

Lucky I don’t do twitter or Facebook or I might be down at my local Garda Station with froth dribbling down my shirt. Luckily it’s closed.


Spotted you in the crowd, towards the end of this clip-

You are the only man alive that is not subject to external forces, fake news, group think, advertising, marketing, the internet…What a ledge!



Indeed. Ye could all do a lot worse than follow me.




Wonder at what point the guards would have got involved in the eviction, would they have done anything if the loyalists had thrown a few digs ???