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I wouldn’t trust Paul Williams, in cahoots with the guards and was involved in the smearing of McCabe. The Irish for Generations took the law into their own hands and has worked so he’s wrong.


TO THE BARRICADES COMRADES!! (lattes optional).


Looks like a real nice ‘British’ chap.


People still voting for them despite massive misery being inflicted on a large number of citizens. Staunch generational voters who vote for them for the sake of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I support big business, jobs, wealth creation etc. but not at the expense of social needs and quality of life.


Obviously nobody has presented what many in this country would consider a viable alternative. That perhaps is the biggest disappointment. But you cannot go around advocating taking the law into your own hands


Genuine question. Would you take the law into your own hands if this group came after you and your families property?

I understand you may say well you wouldn’t find yourself in the same financial situation but nobody can ever be sure of that.


You can never tell if you’ll end up in that situation - nobody knows what’s around the corner. I don’t know a single person who agrees with what happened last week and weekend - it was 100% wrong, dangerous and can never be condoned.

If - and it is an If - there was a High Court order against the man in question then he had to vacate the property. Where are we otherwise? Ignoring the courts?


I don’t think I can even get as far as debating the legislation aspect of this while there is a private security firm assaulting people at the behest of our courts or banks while AGS watches on. We can’t have a scenario where that is ever ok. These so called vigilante groups are a product of this. If we eliminate the source of the problem, then people don’t need to take the law into their own hands.
If someone has broken the law, there are times were AGS need to use force and that’s understandable in certain situations and is part of their jobs but who are these ex paramilitary thugs to be putting hands on anyone? What “training” have they got? Why are they above AGS? What accountability is there for their actions? What rules or laws are they required to adhere to?


It would be extremely difficult to stand by and watch one of my own neighbours been handled like that. Extremely difficult.


I feel the same way. Imagine it was your own family members? Are people expected to stand back and allow these things to occur just so they can hold their hands up and say “Well at least I’m a law abiding citizen” and in the meantime their neighbors/family members are left beaten and shaken by the actions of these thugs?

Of course we cannot allow it to descend into the chaos of people taking up arms to defend themselves all over the country, but this will not be solved by people standing back while this continues the way it is. It will be solved by the government stepping in and getting a handle on this, empowering the Garuds and removing these gangs from the process, hopefully before someone is seriously injured or even killed.


Agree. I can tell ya the smugness of the ape declaring himself British. It was said to antagonise. All geared up and looking every bit the thug. So yes if one of the them started to drag my family or a neighbour out like that I wouldn’t be standing back.


What a self-serving rant! The rich and powerful shout ‘anarchy’ when the people rise up. How else do you think 1%of the world’s population manages to convince the rest, to let them own 60% of the resources? By controlling the media and the message.


No we don’t. Democracy does not exist.


Funny how the Gardai standing a few feet away while the locals were being assaulted by the hired thugs did nothing but were guaranteed to intervene had the locals gained the upper hand.


Christ you are hard work sometimes. Go off down Dawson St and burn a few cars and throw a few bricks through some windows if it makes you feel better.


One law…

When questioned about this she said…

“Yeah, I did liquidate a company and the company did owe people money, but we didn’t get to that space by choice.”

I would like everybody to give such latitude to ALL who find themselves in such situations, not just the elite.


Here is another report on the story above…

The liquidators’ report shows the company owed €59,000 to Revenue and €50,000 to AIB.

The company had lost over €205,000 according to its most recent accounts. Separately, a judgement was awarded against the company by UK firm Eurosimm for over €10,000.

The Revenue debt was part of that written off, some being written off against VAT owed to the company.



I read there she is taking out a loan and paying back the money. And that VAT that was owed to their company by Revenue was offset against what they owed Revenue. What exactly is your issue here?


My issue is how the state deals with people differently, how much of the Roscommon bill was “Offset”? The people who were supporting the eviction cited the alleged fact that it was the fault of the Home-owner as there had been lots of attempts to sort it out by the banks etc but look at this quote from the Ray Butler issue…

Records released under the Freedom of Information Act show that the Houses of the Oireachtas initially wrote to him seven times seeking to recoup the money without success.