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It’s a third of those who voted in referendum and bigger proportion of the target demographic which is rural SF and FF.

He has said, according to media, that members will be allowed a free vote on issue. A party just focused on abortion either way would be doomed to failure. Ultra left can be extreme about it as that’s the sort of demographic and ideological creature they appeal to, and they are basically limited to a small proportion of the electorate. .

I suspect FF and SF will pay some price for their stance. A leftish republican party on prolife side has way more potential than Renua. That’s if it gets off the ground and the history of smaller parties is not great.


Renua had no potential ever. They didn’t know who they were themselves - I would not equate them with anything. They were like a drone trying to get off the ground with an elephant (self) strapped to the top of it.


I like Peadar but he is going nowhere. You should see some of the headers he is attracting, most of them are short-termers who will move on to the next big thing once they are asked to to the donkey work required to get a new group off the ground.


I don’t really have an issue with our polititions pay, it’s the expences that are a farce.


I doubt he is attracting any more headers than any other party!

He seems to have taken a fair few councillors, candidates, former councillors and one or two former MLAs as well as a large number of SF members including the brother of Martin McGuinness so while the odds are against him on the past history of small parties, he might be striking the iron at the right time.

He is doing the right thing in leaving the abortion issue if it comes to votes as a matter of conscience, which is all he was asking SF to allow him and others to so. The Casey vote and what’s going on in France and Britain and elsewhere indicate that there might be a few big changes in the political landscape around Europe.


There’s no getting rid of the fuckers


Can’t believe I missed this earlier in the year

Probably one of the few times Ross has been right about something


Ross himself is a priapismic, pompous West Brit dotard. He has no credibility left. Meanwhile we are officially the Caymans of Europe:


As long sd they keep delivering for the people down there they will keep getting re elected


Can see them taking 3 Dail Seats at the next election.


If they do we should declare the place an independent Kingdom and let them off …


No doubt the forelock tuggers will be around soon to tell us why this is a great thing for the country so it is.

Be a sad day for mother Ireland when people don’t think we are good enough to be made fkn eijits of :grinning:


They would be stupid to try it. …


They’d have gotten 3 the last time around with the amount of votes Danny and Michael got between them


We’ll have to extend Balbriggan!


I doubt it, especially as Danny only got 53% of Michaels transfers (3,835) and Michael only had 613 votes to transfer. A third Candidate would possibly mean them ending up with only one seat no matter how good the vote Management was.


See what SF tried in Donegal last time for exactly that


I hope this healey raw crap has ran it’s course, they are doing kerry no favours.


But Kerry people don’t know that. Look at Mattie and Lowry!


True and it shows we have no high ground over the Brits with there clowns when we have so many of our own, and a criminal who supported by our media Barron