Irish Politics


If they go into the next election with howling they’re sunk. As said earlier sold their souls for ministerial pensions.

Weirdly I think FF may gain even though they are in govt with fg and Martin has as much charisma as a wet blanket.

Politics it ripe for any new party to come in all the PD’s and democratic left they first times they ran. The AAA crowd will have missed the boat if the economy continues to rise. It will be more or less the same bar a few independents will loose out.


I hope Labour are truly finished. As for Kelly he is not a looper IMO, just a pure shitebag.


Thought this was funny. No fan of Toibin but you have to admire anyone who shuts kelleher up


Kelleher had three other nasty tweets too. Typical of his ilk - mealy mouthed with nothing constructive to offer.


Listening to shane Ross on newstalk, talked about a goal by shay given and the new manager Shane Kenny. :open_mouth:


Nothing unusual there, I know it is not his area but probably average knowledge of their brief for the majority of Ministers.

Leinster House would be like a library at Ministers question time if it was not for the Civil Servants in the chamber being able to slip notes to them to enable them to answer questions.


Here’s a question: Has Ross ever attended an All Ireland final?


Too busy giving grants to millionaires brats to attend Bogball.


Someone mentioned this before so while wallowing in re-runs of finals since he became a Minister I don’t recall seeing him behind the trophy presentation area, where such like hang out.

(In fairness, Kenny looked absolutely depressed, which added to the pleasure :grinning: but at least he is interested.


He was asked if he ever attended a LOI game and he responded by say he preferred to attend local games in his constituency. Ie doesn’t give a sh1t but wants to be seen to get local votes.


He goes to Ballybrack games. You know what politicians are like with funerals.


If true DOB looking more like Murdock


Is his brother Nut?


No, SAD…


Big crowd in Navan for the launch of Peadar Toíbín’s new party. No name yet!

Very difficult for small parties to gain traction here, but he seems to have tapped into a lot of dissatisfaction with the two bigger republican parties, and also seems to have a good bit of support from former SF MLAs and councillors in north including the Brollys (Yes, those Brollys!)


Good luck to him, he is my local TD down here along with I don’t understand a fucking word ya said there Damien. Toibin will get my vote.


His views on abortion will severely curtail him.


There are some right yokes representing Meath. Very hard to listen to Damian, Helen etc. And even the Meath people elected in Dublin, like Bruton, are quite dislikeable. Its uncanny!!


Bruton and his ■■■■ of a brother, the incredible brutal brothers.


What? Don’t forget the chuckle brother! And Wednesday Wallace!!! Jaysus!