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If there was a general election tomorrow who would be the big names to lose their seats.

Johnathan newtownkenneddy doesn’t count!

I think Regina Doherty, Zappone and Catherine Byrne could face the chop.


Shane Ross hopefully as I detest him. Dublin Bay North is a bear pit. As are one or two south side constituencies. Id predict losses for FG, as I did last time, especially urban ones. Some of the crazier independents would do well to hold seats e.g. Halligan. FF will do better than expected and SF will too.


That constituency will be really interesting next time out. Finian McGrath in danger, can’t see Catherine (No-One) Noone getting a seat but suspect that her move away from Leo’s base to allow Austin Curry’s Daughter to run will see her brought back to the Seanad again.


I’m told Leo will be up here canvassing for her this weekend. She has a better chance of being the next pope than she has of getting elected here. I hope Finian holds his seat, due to his work in disability and despite the gaffes! You are right though. He is vulnerable. If you look around, FG have multiple seats in some constituents that they will not keep next time round. Micheal Martin is well able for Leo in a debate, as is Mary Lou, like her or not.


FG’s THREE Candidates got 14,517 votes between them in 2016 and with the quota being 12,271 and with Star Man Richard Bruton not being elected until the 8th count following 3,000 transfers from his running mates, I don’t see them getting within an asses roar of a 2nd seat there.


Martin is absolutely useless and McDonald speaks as if she thinks we’re all idiots.

I don’t think the next election will throw up anything much different to what we have at the moment.


I don’t like Mary Lou’s didactic approach either but she is well-prepared and is more coalition-friendly than her predecessor. Micheal Martin is far from useless. The next election may well put FG out of power. That’s not to say that much will change!


If Micheal Martin becomes Taoiseach then that’s it for me. I would likely never vote again.


I’m not suggesting I like him. I find it so hard to stomach Simon, Pascal, Eoghan O Carroll-Kelly-Murphy and Leo, that I’d like to see them gone…in precisely the same way as I got sick of Cowen and co previously.


I absolutely despise the man a throw back to corrupt days and has never been made explain the O’Callaghan money in his wife’s account.

Add to that he was cheering kerry at the league final 2 years ago where before the game he canvased Dubs in the way in.


More then 15 years ago on this site Mr white was warning about Leo a true Tory boy at the time. I actually don’t mind him and how he comes across it’s the harsh policies of the government that are sickening and the D4 brigade have total control of the blueshirt now.


That’s the real point in any FF & FG discussion. What is the actual difference between the two parties bar the early doors stuff?


Is that a quote from all the Fianna Fail TD’s? :grinning:


A lot of independents like zappone took the last seats in a lot of areas. By going into government I think they will loose support and while votes might not go directly to one party because the vote will be so fractured I’ll say the big parties will bag second seats. More of the same I’d guess. Unless some new party ones along alan Peter Casey and Hoover’s up the anyone but the last crowd vote.


Damien fucking Omen that fella.


Yeah the pearl jam hardrocker :kissing_closed_eyes:


It will be interesting to see what happens to the seven Labour seats next time out as the poll figures are deceptive in that there are a number of areas where Labour don’t have any candidates so their figures are naturally skewed.

I’ll start with Alan Kelly. Last time out he took the last seat having started out with 7,746 1st preference votes ( Over 5,000 votes short of the quota). He was eventually elected on the final count without reaching the quota.

In the same election Fine Gael ran THREE candidates and got a total of 12,542 1st preference votes and failed to take a seat. I suspect they might run two the next time and should take Kellys seat.

** Kelly got over 2,000 transfers from FF and FG.


It could be argued that FG have a TD in that constituency.


The reports are Labour are at 12% in Dublin, with FF hovering up traditional country voters & SF looking like they are holding on to their previous gains outside Dublin. I suspect Labour will make some gains in the capital and have nothing outside.


I think Labour is finished, and I hope they are. AK47 is a looper, Howlin is a bad joke and the rest of them are anonymous. The last coalition was political suicide which was only undertaken for ministerial pensions. The real left, SF and FF will feast on the bones.