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Agree fully with this. SF miscalculated the cost of his departure.


My memory is that it was Fianna Failers, Blueshirts and their media lackies who peddled that notion for years, funny how selective memories can be.

Just in case you don’t remember does this sound familiar…“Adams is holding THEM back”


Theyve voted to be in coalition but they dont know with who?

Ive voted for them over the years. If they went into coalition with FG or FF id never open my door to them again. Im sure im not alone in that either. Time will tell I suppose.

Why would they worry about the old traditionalist republican anyway? sure theyre dying out and being repaced by a generation who dont know a thing about the troubles

@Thehonestumpire is right. We had to listen to that old rhetoric for years, get rid of the army men starting with adams and people will take them seriously. Now its the opposite apparently


Since you mentioned DUBLIN lets look at the facts, as opposed to your wishes…

PBP / AAA / Solidarity:

DUBLIN BAY NORTH: No T.D. - In 2016 their best Candidate got one third of a quota in 1st preferences.

DUBLIN BAY SOUTH: No T.D. - In 2016 their candidate got around 25% of a quota

DUBLIN CENTRAL: No T.D. - In 2016 their Candidate got 12.17% of a quota

DUBLIN FINGAL: No T.D. - In 2016 their Candidate got 20% of a quota

DUBLIN MID WEST: 1 T.D. In 2016 their Candidate received around 50% of a quota in 1st preferences and was eventually elected on the 12th and final count without reaching the quota upon receipt of almost 1,000 FG transfers.

DUBLIN NORTH WEST: No T.D. In 2016 their candidate got around 15% of a quota

DUBLIN RATHDOWN: No candidate in 2016

DUBLIN SOUTH CENTRAL: 1 T.D. in 2016 their candidate got 50% of a quota and was eventually elected on the 11th and final count without reaching the quota. Brid Smith won the seat by 35 votes over the Fianna Fail candidate. That seat is in serious danger.

DUBLIN SOUTH WEST: 1 T.D. In 2016 their candidates (2) had a quota between them and their lead candidate was elected on the 12th count. Strong vote and safe seat in that constituency.

DUBLIN WEST: 1 T.D. In 2016 their candidate was elected on the last count, 233 votes ahead of FF and 539 votes ahead of Labour.

Just tipping the edges here with the numbers but it shows that when you glance beyond the headlines the story is not always what some people would have you believe.


Reckon its at tipping point for same thing here


You think? Don’t see it myself. The French end up protesting massively against every single government they elect.

The problem may not be with the government here.


The only things that will bring the cowardly Irish onto the streets would be the banning of Coronation Street, Match of the Day, Britlands got talent or one of those dancing shows.


Adams never really held SF back much, most of the people who had a problem with Adams were never going to vote for them anyway. SF’s real problem is that they need to occupy the space that FF used to but instead they pinned all their hopes on wooing the media with uber liberalism but their core vote really don’t care for that and its starting to show. Leaving aside Tobin and his pro life stance, You look at the other people who walked away from SF over the last few years and look that people they promoted. It tells a story. Just look at the Fiasco with the presidential race, SF genuinely thought that a PR blandbot like Ni Riada ticked all the boxes as an ideal candidate, not only did their voters not bother with her, their own members didnt think she was worth the effort of ringing doorbells for :smile:


Maybe most of them are too tired working. Seems most of the protesting class in this country don’t have that problem.


I work long hours but have managed to attend lots of protests. Change takes effort. People are beaten down, tired and broke. The fight has been beaten out of a lot of them.


Thats it. Despair is the word that always come to mind.


Or maybe they are relatively happy enough with the way things are.


I doubt that… unless your in banking or politics, or the FAI.


Stand silently in the background and watch the faces of early morning workers merrily dancing their way out of the dart stations as they head to the utopia that is their workplace and the fantastic life beyond the workplace.

The numbers who have fled the Island to work elsewhere, those on long hospital queues, those in fake jobs, those who are figuring out an explanation for their children as to how Santy knows which B&B they will be in and those who fear the daily / hourly call from a low paid teenager with a set number of question for the Banks and other financial institutions that we bailed out might think differently.

Not everybody has to wait until late November to have a black Friday.


Surprised that’s the first of what’s happening there that I’ve seen posted here. I think clearly the oppo and the neo-Liberal Yank and Russian elite are driving those protests. The Brits too probably


I am not saying everybody is happy but there clearly isn’t widespread dissatisfaction either so maybe hence the lack of protest … as distinct from people being cowardly or beaten down.


It can simply be the case of people just accepting their lot and being too busy trying to keep their heads above water matched with believing that protests get them nowhere. Middle Ireland doesn’t want to acknowledge that they and those they shared the wine years with are all in similar quicksand and are content not to acknowledge that the King is in fact naked.


Then what about the water protests ???


There are exceptions to every rule. They were well organised, widespread and had support at different levels across the political spectrum. Ask yourself why their hasn’t been such success with protests with such massive issues as health, housing, schools etc etc etc.

Why have we not had massive Tax marches like we did back in the day or protests against Fempi or USC?


That’s your take. But maybe people are relatively alright with things. If people are really dissastisfied with something (water) then they will protest.

In any case nobody seems to be capable of coming up with any feasible political alternative so we get more of the same. The crash offered a great opportunity for a fresh political presence but instead we got Renua.