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They will change the name or add it to PRSI.


Wasn’t that not one of fine Gael’s last two election promises? When Inda was telling everyone that Ireland was the best little country to ■■■■ yer own people over in? And silver spooned Leo telling everyone the last time USC would be scrapped. No to much of a cash cow for them. I understand the need to broaden the tax base but what is there to show for it?


Private banks gambling debts are being repaid, in full and with no fuss.





I very rarely use bad language but he’s one class A Prick… The missus used to work with a well known Irish Airline, and he always bought an economy seat and DEMANDED he be upgraded because of who he is. At one stage the check-in staff refused to deal with him both in Dublin and Brussels…


Long read but worth it


She appears to have dressed like a pilot for the flight :grinning:




Latest opinion poll suggests continuance of the blue team in government with either the same rag tag and bobtail or perhaps the addition of declining SF and Labour.

FF in strange position of being in strong second, but not likely to be big enough on current figures to create a cohesive majority. Can’t see them doing another four years of giving FG a bye ball. Reckon FF are hoping locals and Europeans come first as that should give them a boost with generals to follow shortly afterwards.


At this stage, anyone but FG.


And if that’s the general sentiment then the laughs on the Irish electorate for continuing to vote for them and failing to establish a genuine counter to FG & FF policies.


Explain to me oh wise one what we are to take from polls when we have the following…

Todays poll:

Fine Gael 34 (+1 in five weeks)
Fianna Fáil 27 (+2)
Sinn Féin 13 (-2)
Labour 6 (+1)

Last weeks poll:
Fine Gael 30 (-1)
Fianna Fáil 27 (No Change)
Sinn Féin 23 (+4)
Labour 6 (No Change)

How do two companies get such MASSIVELY different results?

Good detail in this report…


Polling is a joke but the people who run them get big bucks and are laughing all the way to the Leeds …


Polls are a aelf-fulfilling prophesy. They cause votes as much as reporting them. The reason there were no polls published the Sunday before the presidential election is that the polls that were carried out showed Casey was flying and the results were quashed by the Okely Dokelies, in case they caused a bigger vote for him.


Red C polls have been proven to the most accurate if you look at past election outcomes.

SF generally peak about a year before an election and then steadily fall. At this stage before 2016 GE they were in early 20s which fell to under 14% in election.

They are in a bit of a heap now so no reason to suspect this pattern will change. Economic situation has left them a beaten flush on that score, and far left will continue to eat into the urban protest vote.

Having said that, they will still be in strong position to be a junior coalition partner with FG.


Have you see the figures in that detailed report for what you call the “Far Left”? They are eating into nothing.


They are the far left. SF are soft left.

Trot vote is concentrated in urban areas and they don’t put serious candidates in any more than 10/11 and still have 6 TDs in Dublin. Same as SF I believe. So shinners are getting squeezed on all sides: the protest vote they used to get is going to far left; soft republicans happy enough with economy are going back to FF; and on top of that they are in middle of a split which will cost them at least three current seats, and maybe more as well as stopping them in places like Tipp, Westmeath and possibly others. They will come back with 14/15 seats.

Still enough to be in coalition with FG all the same, which is their next objective.


You keep banging that drum about FG SF coalition. How could that possibly happen? Certainly not without the implosion of SF. If labour were decimated in a coalition with them then it would be political suicide for SF to do it. I’m sure you’d love to see it though. Looks like an unhealthy obsession with SF you have from reading in here.


They’ve already voted to be in coalition. There are only two choices. It’s not rocket science.

As for SF imploding. If they haven’t imploded over all the other u turns they’ve made, including coalition with DUP for ten years, they’ll hardly implode over coalition with Fine Gael.

Biggest threat to them is gradual loss of traditional republican vote and their replacement as the main protest party in urban areas. They thought Adams retiring into background would give them a boost and broaden their appeal. It hasn’t. He was a major historical figure through his involvement in the IRA and the ending of its armed campaign. His replacements in the leadership are mediocre people with no history in the movement and who could be any party.