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The most sickening thing about this was when McCabe talked about how he couldn’t even bath his own children. It was heartbreaking to listen to. The people behind this false allegation and smear campaign are vile scum for what they put him and his family through. One can only hope they can move on from this and be happy in their lives since he has been fully exonerated.


Shocking stuff, I also think today of the many many people who they also stitched up who didn’t have the time, ability or resources to expose their corruption and I’m sure that some of them went to their graves as a result or are still rotting in prison.


I’d well believe it. The stuff that came out about what Callinan was up to was just beyond belief at times. The incident in the car park etc…

Just on the comments about how McCabe hasn’t actually changed anything. Well it’s not his job to change it nor was it as a seargent. He escalated his opinions based on what he saw as malpractice through the appropriate channels and even resigned stating he couldn’t stand over what wasn’t going on at his station. He has done more than his duty by highlighting and exposing the corruption. I don’t think he even believed it was as corrupt an organisation as it turned out to be by what followed in its attempts to cover their own arses and to destroy McCabes name.


I’m reminded of the story from decades ago of a man from a south side club involved in coaching took his own life, after one of the young girls accused him of sexual assault, which she later withdrew.


I believe I know the story you are talking about. A Family that was seriously into Hurling if I remember correctly. Very sad.


Similar happened in a north side second level school but the person survived.


What really sickens me is that these people are still in charge. I know a lot of decent Gardaí, and this will have IMO a huge impact on them.


I think you’re doing McCabe a huge disservice there and genuinely think you’re unaware of a lot of what went on. Did you watch the RTE documentaries this week? @TheParish has outlined some of it and there’s a lot more too.

State agencies ‘colluding’ or ‘making administration errors’ in implicating his as a “Kiddie Fiddler” …. His character torn to shreds and rumours being started about him by some of the most senior figures in the country … not being able to bath his young kids for fear of what he could be accused of … It all got so much at one point he checked in to St Pats, at that stage he was probably on the path to a complete break-down but thankfully had the courage to say No and take his evidence to Independent TDs to finally be listened to.


This is one of the most bewildering post I have ever on here, its hard to even comment on it.


You must know him personally to be able to comment like that. Did you work with him?


Do I win a prize, as the song says I’m a professional cynic but my hearts not it in.

To clarify I’m not a Gaurd and i dont know the man, my opinion on him is based on what he said himself and the manner he acted. I do know John Wilson’s family and I have a number of relations from Cavan and each one would say McCabe would not be thought of as the usual country Gaurd that you could approach. Has there been much coming from the community where he is from backing him ?, I think you’ll find not, as has been relayed to me there wont be too many statues erected for him, make what you will every, Gaurd up there is corrupt and all his community are wrongs ones apart from him. This doesn’t make him a bad man, but id be wondering how a person doesn’t have support of any colleages/union or supervisors. I am very cynical about the media and there portrayal of the whole story.

As regards the McCabe as the sequence of events he never made one complaint until he was investigated himself, after that happened to him he became a whistle blower. The original O’Higgins Commision sets its out clearly, It states - "Some of the complaints have been upheld in this report, especially in respect of the quality of the investigations examined by this commission. Other complaints made by him have proven to be overstated or exaggerated. Some were unfounded, and some have been withdrawn." The rte documentary glossed over that bit.

I hurled with a few gaurds who have all said they were spun the story that he abused someone. Its one thing the tribunal never got to the bottom of. Its a hugely odd thing for anyone to have concocted and the damage that could have been done to him horrendous. The smear and attempt to stitch him up would be comical if it wasn’t so serious.

Take the individual out of the story, I was commenting on dubintipp good points. after this whole debacle what is the outcome, All the parties retired on big pensions and eventually it will all evaporate away. No one was really held accountable and what is the message left for other whistleblowers, in McCabes own words he wouldn’t do it all again. The message will ring out to any other Gaurd, Nurse, Doctor, Teacher or Civil Servant keep your head down and keep quiet if you value your career.

Ireland and Irish people dont do accountability take any of the tribunals, was anyone ever found to have done wrong or been convicted, the likes of Larry Goodman became a billionaire after the beef tribunal. Why are Gaurds, Politicians and any public service the way they are is because deep down Paddy is happy he can ring a gaurd or politician to sort out something. If you haven’t seen it before below sums it all up for me. I love the ‘I hurled with your father remark’

I apologize if I’ve bewildered anyone but as i get older i get more and more cynical. The Senior Gaurds who did wrong retired on full pensions as did the senior civil servants and two ministers. The lazy Gaurds kept their jobs, the lawyers got big pay days and Mccabe will get rightly get compensated for the smears. The taxpayer will pick up the tab and can anyone say anything will change or was learned.


So in summary, the three men you admired the most, they caught the last train for the coast? Or as Shirley Maclaine said…

So you fix yourself
a cup of instant coffee…
…and you sit there
by yourself and you think,…
…and it all begins to look so… ugly.


Now why couldn’t I have said that, everything is shite since Roy Orbison died.


Indeed. And George Harrison, and Tom.


Promises. Promises. Promises. Election by June 2019?

I love this line "Fine Gael is the party of home ownership’ fucking right yis are (Id say there was plenty of sniggering in the crowd at that one)


They have effectively been in power for two terms and the place is still in a jocker. How long do they want?


As long as it takes to get as many pensions as possible.


Leo, Simon and Pathkal are as right wing as they come. Fcuk the homeless and those on trollies. Tax cuts it is. Wankers.


Tax cuts? Ya mean the fiver in yer pocket for the dopey ■■■■■ like myself who get up very very early in the morning? As for them "Fine Gael is the party of home ownership’ is like saying the DUP are culturally misunderstood. Honestumpire is right after two terms the ■■■■■ have only benefitted themselves and the place is still in a jocker.


USC will never be scraped…it’s like a noose around the hard working middle class