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Nope it was el presidente higgy sending out security with high powered led searchlights to rid the riff raff of ‘his’ land.


I might be wrong but I think that was the “Alternative” wanted poster released by Republicans to cause confusion and featured 7 RUC men.


I need another coffee…

I first read that as saying it was a republican poster looking for 7 wanted RUC men!

Which kind of makes sense if you’re deprived of your morning caffeine fix.


It’s John Terry.


He/she/they was always a little sap. Ricky Gervais finally nailed it with his ‘Letter “n”’ lullaby sketch, it’s on YouTube.


Is that the “we don’t care what the old folks say” song? Always thought it was from Dad’s Army


That’s the one!

Could well be an old wartime tune that’s got recycled at football games.

(Was going to make a smart arse remark about that COYBIB song…but feeling slightly outnumbered).


ComeOnBringYourOwnWineAndBeer? Don’t know that one. What about that Paradise one, didn’t Guns N Roses cover that? Two songs in fact, Welcome to the Jungle must’ve been inspired by it


on the whistleblower programme Maurice McCabe was asked if he would do it again knowing what was going to happen to him. He said no.

A message I’m sure all the phase one trainees down the road from me will be reminded about.

Ray D’Darcy was on the radio on monday saying what a great job McCabe did and how it was all so positive.


McCabe was retired out of the force. If all the positivity and all the lovely changes that Ray and the talking heads in medialand would lead you to belive had happened then McCabe would be at his desk today doing police work. Instead he got the EXACT same result as Callinan and Taylor. Just let that sink in for a moment.

Meanwhile the ex-minister for Justice Alan Shatter resolved his problems by correcting the dail record well after the damagae was done, and the Charlton Commission of Enquiry was unable to ask ex-commissioner O’Sullivan about those aul missing phones and laptops and as such couldnt possibly comment. She was also “retired” off to the UN.

None of the garda who posted the “Maurice the Rat” have been disiplined. They should be easily identifable.

Nobody was held accountable for the 1.9 million fake breath tests. Nobody for wiping penalty points.

The investigation as to how photographers and jornalists just happend to know that Clare Daly was arrested for Drink Driving and was in handcuffs on the way to the station (which I can tell you never happens unless the suspect is voilent) is still buried somwehere. Daly was very vocal on the Penalty Points/McCabe issue at that time.

Those who believe The Taoiseach when he says that the state will not be indemnifying and paying all the damages and costs in McCabe’s case against Callinan and the State should remember the last time Leo “Overpromised” (great term that).

So yes, Maurice McCabe did the state some service. The state has made it very clear that you turn up, put up and shut up, and all the talking heads will whitewash it all away as quickly as they can.


In some ways he only did what he is paid to do and only highlighted the fact that there are a MASSIVE number of Gardaí out there who are stinkingly corrupt.

All and any payments to the McCabes should come out of the Garda pension fund or their credit union and NOT the innocent Taxpayers.


all the same money one way or the other.

its just very annoying seeing the media types all going wow he really changed things, when sadly, he has changed nothing at all, in fact has cemented the culture.

just remember ordinary garda, superintendent level, commissioner level garda, journalists, TD’s and minsters for justice all did their bit to destroy him. if we were told that was happening in Africa or South America we would be saying ah sure, what do you expect there.

Someone asked yesterday - where was the AGSI? the GRA? no blue flu in support of him or anything like it.


The same way developers paid for their sins, and Quinn etc … stop will ya.


The recent support by RTE (All smoke in a bottle), Mat cooper and FF/FG to Maurice McCabe is pure hypocrisy. These all did what they could to suppress the story. While others like the sindo and Paul Williams were instrumental in the persecution and should be hald to account for their behaviour.


Developers are not paid agents of the state and they too should pay for their sins. Garda corruption exists because their is no punishment relative to the amount of corruption that they are involved in.

If you are not paying for damage it doesn’t mean anything to you.


Exactly - and this could well be the motto for this country.


Some very very good points. A few things about mccabe is he wasnt a whistle blower in the ordinary sense. He ran into a bit of bother over missing evidence to do with a priests computer. He blamed one person and they blamed him. As he was the supervisor he got a slap on the wrist. It was only then he began to highlight malpractice and corruption. The bungled smear job has made him out to be a saint. But he served 30+ years in that organisation and only saw the light when he own incompetence as a supervisor was called into question.

Were the garda corrupt over penalty points, no not really. No allegation was were made that they cancelled points for money. The garda are a mirror to our society, which if you want is corrupt. We want to be able to ring up a friend of a friend to get a parking ticket squashed that’s ireland. The parish pump clientist politics is bred into the Irish. Most country people contact their TD to fix a problem for them. The haugheys and Lowrys of this world were born from this.

Mccabe will get a big payout and things will go back to the way they were. Callinan and the boys will get their legal bills paid for as they were indemnified at the start of the whole thing. Their pensions can’t be touched.

The only thing that will come out of the McCabe thing is anyone in the public service will in future keep their heads down and their mouths closed. Irish people don’t do accountability.


I don’t think that’s true and not my understanding over it.
I believe going back to the early 00’s when he was sergeant he reported numerous malpractices in the Baileborough area and it started with 3 off duty Guards who we’re intoxicated were responding to a suicide and were also driving an official Garda car.
Then there was an assault in a pub and the Guard didn’t take enough eveidence and the person who was assaulted was asked to drop the charges because the Guard made a mess of it.
Also Guards driving unmarked cars while off duty and also the hours they actually worked.
My understanding is that all this plus more was reported by him before the computer incident.
A computer seized from a priest, who was subsequently jailed for child abuse offences, went missing in Bailieborough station. He had nothing to do with the investigation into the priest or the exhibits seized. Yet, when the vanished computer became an issue, a disciplinary process into Garda McCabe was initiated.
Through his fortitude and with the help of a colleague who had sympathy for what was being done to him, he managed to clear his name but they were out to get him at that stage.


If your referring john Wilson he was as mad as a box of frogs and has a lot of his own misdermeanors.

Maurice McCabe got 0 support from the people who worked for him, along with him and above him. In football parlance he lost the dressing room and blamed all around him. Don’t believe his neighbours will be erecting statues to him anytime soon. The narrative that he is the only honest person in the country is as inaccurate as the smears against him.


But did they not support him because it was them that were inept in their duties?

One thing for sure that came out of the reports is that the country is still corrupt and the police force was burying its head in the sand and hopefully the new commissioner might sort things out as he’s an outsider and doesn’t have any loyalty to people


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