Irish Politics


I can do that for meself, thanks.


Better than anyone I’ve ever seen. :+1:


Don’t be going back on your word.


It’s enough to make your heart go-oooooo

I’ll get my coat.


Remand…Crumlin Road :smile:


Stay where you are. I have no idea what you are on about.


Y’know…the song they sing at Celtic football matches:

If you know you’re history
It’s enough to make you heart…


Sorry no. I’m a Rangers man.


Ulster’s finest indeed (footballers that is): here’s an oldie of 3 legends.


John Power on the right, Lester Ryan lifting the cup - not sure about guy on left


Don’t let Rufus hear you slag off the holy trinity of McEntee (not sure which twin), Oisin and Francie Bellew. Super players.

Bringing this back to politics…good documentary a few years back on the Cross team and the British army barracks taking part of their ground.

Also another doc where a tv crew travel with an ex-British soldier (think he was ex-para) and he got so spooked going into Crossmaglen, he asked them to turn back.


Not wanting to be a tout…but wonder if that reward is still available??


“War is young men dying and old men talking”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


When did Cats get rid of Avonmore…


Something about that black and amber all right.

As for that sponsor…near sure I read the GAA had banned sponsorship from betting companies.


The irony of the chap in the middle having to wear it. Poor lad paid for the jerseys many times over.


Thought the same myself.

He’s not the first nor the last sportsman to be afflcted by addiction.

You can’t watch a premiership match on Sky without the betting adverts. Dangerous for kids that it’s so normalised. Even Klopp was in their advert.


We’ve a fcukin Orange Space Cowboy across the Atlantic, a group of Neantherdals to the North, a collection of brainless zombies across the Irish Sea … and now the fcukin aliens are coming …


Armagh people not that bad.

But read that article on the aliens.

We reckon it was the new lights from Dublin’s well-financed cash-laden training ground that the pilot saw.


It may have been Jim Gavin flying his AIG sponsored Lear over the vast training grounds of the capital’s clubs just as he did when finding Con and the two Brians.