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I guess you missed the point of the post :roll_eyes:

You don’t and I’m not dedicated to SF, think I voted for 1 SF (someone i grew up with) candidate in 22 years of voting. But I do follow enquires and you are creating a false equivalence
Between the DUP and SF in the RHI. Not even the Newsletter have made the blind accusations you have and they are not one to hold back on attacking republican and nationaists.

Oh and more bad news for your lot with the BBC reporting this.


Hmmmm, so IF it was true why haven’t your friends in the SDLP been screaming about it? Nobody seems to know about it but you do,eh? On the RHI issue you seem to be very selective and have missed out the bit where the SF delegation were advising the bean counters that they would face an even bigger bill in loss claims if they hadn’t fulfilled pre-agreed deals.


My lot, the SDLP!

You boys haven’t a clue do you?

Republicans being critical of new Sinn Féin does not mean that they are a) unionists, b) SDLP supporters, c) advocates of reviving armed struggle.

Simply means that they see that the Emperor is bollock naked. Yes, the DUP were corruptly sucking off the Brit’s teats. So were SF through creaming off wages and setting up companies whose funding went straight into whatever they do with it nowadays. And guess what? Brits were/are more than happy to throw what to them is peanuts so they don’t have to worry about their part of Ireland too much. once it is quiet and better still, run by the Paddies themselves.

Carry on old chaps!

As for Breixit republicans have been opposed to EEC/EU membership since it was first proposed in 1961. New SF only dropped that opposition to surrender of Irish sovereignty a few years ago. don’t think the sheep even got to vote on that one.


The illusion that you are hiding behind is one where you actually believe that we live in a democracy, all the other stuff falls into insignificance behind that smoke and mirrors trick.

“And from their ivory towers tall,like Kings they sit playing chess with us ALL”


You’re right in that London threw money at this place - closed the door and told us to do what we want as long we didn’t kill one another.

And with SF and the DUP in power…,they’d an unofficial deal to divvy up public funds for their own communities. Some of it very questionable - especially in loyalist areas where UDA men became overnight CEOs.

But the DUP were up to their necks in RHI. Not only were they in charge of the scheme, but their vote base is strongly rural. They had strong connections to the poultry scheme - including family members in some cases.

I’m not saying SF are saints…but there aren’t that many chicken houses in urban areas such north and west Belfast were SF is strongest.

Last month the UUP leader said the DUP had dragged unionism into the gutter. He was right - and they haven’t even investigated NAMA. Red Sky or SIF yet.

Would be shocked if Arlene isn’t made to walk the plank.


Anybody else disappointed to discover that the R in RHI doesn’t stand for Royal?


Royal Horticultural Institute huh?


Not too many chicken houses in Belfast is right, but a fair few in Michelle’s neck of the woods, and she and other SF ministers and MLAs recommended taking up the scheme.

Whole thing is deeply corrupt. Huge amounts of money came in after 1998 from Brits, Dublin, Brussels and US and much of it was used dubiously, on all sides. In counter insurgency it is what is known as “benign corruption,” paying off the combatants ostensibly for “community” projects but not really caring too much if Sammy or Liam might buy a consignment of coke or a few lorries of Polish cigarettes or a holiday apartment block in Bulgaria with the petty cash.

The current political structures, or at least when they were operating under the power sharing Executive, encourages corruption as it is basically not democratic, and any party in pretty much unchallenged power will inevitably wet its beak. That’s what happened to Fianna Fáil, and corruption is not confined to any ideology or party. .


Damm, is there any way we can blame the big bad shinners for that? How is Mrs Robinsons Coffee shop doing these days?


They are obviously not giving the planters enough money…


And wasn’t it nice for the Brits to give the planters a few bob to dress up for Halloween…


I see Eamomm Ó Cuív has been sacked from the Fiann Fail front bench for walking off the end of the Fianna Fail Earth and going beyond Dundalk…

In a statement this evening, Fianna Fail said: "During the course of that meeting Deputy Ó Cuív made it clear that he was aware in advance of plans to hold an unauthorised launch of a candidate and agreed to participate in the event. In light of this information, regretfully, Deputy Ó Cuív’s continued membership of the Party’s Front Bench is no longer tenable.

“His portfolio responsibilities will be reassigned in the time ahead.”


Even unionist commentators are agreed the DUP are almost entirely to blame for the RHI scandal.

And evidence from the RHI enquiry backs that up…with one DUP witness after another getting grilled on their connections to the poultry industry, power of SPADs, bypassing of processes, and general governance.

But I agree that having only two parties in charge, with little or no oversight, is an open door for corruption. As you say, corruption isn’t confined to ideology.

But on RHI, NAMA and Red Sky…most people are in agreement all finger prints lead to the DUP.


Trying to put back together what the Grandad sundered nearly a century ago …


Tumbles lot don’t seem to be enjoying their victory too much.


As expected. Teesie is doing the sensible thing.


Did I heard some Tory on Morning Ireland saying they will never accept a hard border down the Irish Sea?


Arlene, Arlene…

Sounds like the noise of a penny dropping.

Brexit isn’t so easy as you said it would be…and now you’re experiencing first hand what jilted unionist leaders have been saying for years…the british govt drops you like a hot stone when it suits them.


They were 1st being used by may and now by Brexiteers, there election bluff has been called and they have nothibg left but noise. I see some loyalist are threatening violence against the British govenmant now :rofl:.


That’s happened every decade since the 70s: Sunnignsale, Anglo Irish agreement, Drumcree, Flags protest.

There’s a clip on Youtube of an English fella who called up the Nolan show to say how embarrassed he was at the flag protests and that people in Britain didn’t give a toot about here.

Poor Nolan couldn’t work out the logic why someone from England couldn’t give a damn about whether a Union Jack flew over Belfast City Hall or not.